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Show Of Hands October 25th, 2012 12:00am

Kenyan officials want to auction millions of dollars of confiscated illegal elephant ivory to raise money for elephant conservation efforts. Good plan, or hypocrisy?

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10/31/12 8:43 pm

Continuing to place a high value on it as a commodity will just encourage further corruption and slaughter.

10/30/12 1:20 am

So it's ok for the state to break its own 'laws' but not a citizen. Lets apply this same idea/though process to the US. What if the US gov decided it was going to start selling confiscated drugs to help lower the deficit but still outlawed ordinary citizens from doing so. A little hypocritical?

10/29/12 6:37 pm

I didn't notice that it said confiscated

10/29/12 5:26 pm

The damage has already been done. Why waste the materials when you could put them to a good cause.

kmsexton McLean
10/29/12 9:47 am

I don't quite think it's hypocrisy, but it's not a good idea. It just feeds demand for something that folks shouldn't have.

JynxAllen Tennessee
10/28/12 7:31 pm

The elephants didn't have a choice. They didn't think about sacrifice. If it's against the law, there is a reason for it.

svenalexander Land of the Ents
10/28/12 4:39 pm

Kinda of a random bash on Kenya there buddy.... Kenya Dig it? Haha

svenalexander Land of the Ents
10/28/12 4:37 pm

Seems like this is just a way to turn a bad situation into a good one! I mean, the ivory is already taken, and that elephant is already dead. Why not make their deaths not in vain?

anonymousone Georgia
10/28/12 3:34 am

The harm is done, it's good to raise money for conservation. And by auctioning them for this charity, they ensure that people who would buy stuff are informed about the need to stop this.

ScrewU Gone
10/27/12 3:36 pm

Insert Obama joke here.

10/26/12 10:36 pm

Because you are a sad pathetic racist

Ernest Make it so
10/26/12 9:21 pm

@db4of4 Troll!

You may have a point, db4of4, a technical point.
So if the tusks become "legal" poachers would now be able to kill and sell the tusks legally?
This idea fixes nothing. It's like the police running a prostitution ring... While trying to stop the prostitution ring :(

arste New York
10/26/12 7:47 pm

Why does it seem like all idiots or idiotic ideas come from Kenya?

10/26/12 7:00 pm

It turns it into legal product.

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
10/26/12 5:08 pm

I would say that this is a bad plan.
Putting more illegal product onto the market will only increase the demand.

DeathSheep Michigan
10/26/12 1:52 pm

It's not like they are poaching the elephants for it. It's confiscated ivory that they are auctioning off to help stop the poaching of elephants for the ivory

Ojjake HumanCyborg Relations
10/26/12 10:22 am

Pinkyusuck, I'm Jewish. Thanks for ruining my day.

Ojjake HumanCyborg Relations
10/26/12 10:20 am

Good ideology, but cocaine actually harms people and ruins their lives. Reselling the ivory won't kill your Uncle Bob or something.

Ojjake HumanCyborg Relations
10/26/12 10:17 am

I agree with pinkyusuck. Not hypocracy but more karma-ish. If you believe in karma that is. It is good that they are going to be using the money to speed up elephant conservation efforts, though.

10/26/12 7:32 am

National Geographic magazine featured the elephant in their last issue. Did you know that 25,000 elephants are killed each year, just for their tusks? Disgusts me.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
10/26/12 7:27 am

Screw that. Give me my ivory-buttoned fur coat any day. I'm not in favor of poaching, but I would like to see a responsible, managed elephant hunting/ivory harvesting program (similar to deer season, but appropriately spaced for elephants).

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
10/26/12 7:22 am

An AK would do exactly jack crap against an elephant. The 7.62x39 is an intermediate-power round. Despite the AK's Hollywood-fed public image as a dangerous weapon, it's not nearly as powerful as most hunting rifles, nor as deadly at longer ranges. For an elephant, bring at least a .40-.50 rifle.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
10/26/12 7:16 am

Yes, that's why abortion was never adopted by many countries. Because the Nazis practiced abortions on expectant Jewish women. Oh wait, it was. Despicable on both counts, but true.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
10/26/12 7:13 am

The difference is that ivory can be legally harvested under the right circumstances. Cocaine cannot.

tc ohio
10/26/12 7:11 am

Of course it's not an ideal situation! But this is already confiscated ivory, you know it's gonna end up on the market anyway, why not put it to good use?

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
10/26/12 7:11 am

I would call it ironic rather than hypocritical. What else are they going to do with it? Give it away? Burn it? Bury it? Might as well get some money for something useful. Can't put the ivory back on the elephants now.

Weave77 Indianapolis
10/26/12 7:08 am

This accomplishes two good things:

1. It uses an otherwise wasted resource (it's not like disposing of the ivory will bring the elephants back) to fund a good and noble cause.

2. It floods the market with relatively cheap ivory, causing the profitability of poaching to drop significantly.

atka1971 Elgin, IL
10/26/12 7:02 am

I can't believe people think this is a good idea. What if it read, "government wants to sell millions of $ in confiscated cocaine to support anti-drug efforts" both ideas are just perpetuating the illegal trade.

tc ohio
10/26/12 6:57 am

Since the ivory is all ready there, why not make some good out of a bad situation? I would never buy it myself but...

NYevo NY
10/26/12 6:54 am

The dead elephants had no say in the matter.

NYevo NY
10/26/12 6:53 am

As a world body, we decided not to learn from the knowledge gained from the Nazi's inhumane medical experiments so as not to let people (that would do something like that in the future for the betterment of society) think that their gains will ever be used.

10/26/12 6:15 am

Organ donation. When some one dies they can choose to help another live. Same difference. At least the dead elephants will be able to help save many more.

10/26/12 5:13 am

It's like auctioning off property seized from drug dealers to support anti drug initiatives. Sounds good to me.

JustBob Your anger fascinates me
10/26/12 4:37 am

Could breed corruption, what will they do when the ivory runs out


10/26/12 12:42 am

What else you gonna do with all that ivory? If you destroy it no one benefits. At least let it count for something.

BluejayV Life is Cinema
10/25/12 10:18 pm

Anybody make an "elephant in the room" joke yet?

bzivich New Jersey
10/25/12 8:37 pm

Good question, but the harm has already been done

10/25/12 8:36 pm

Terrible analogy. Trying to eliminate production (killing elephants) takes completely different tactics than eliminating consumption (doing crack).

Terrence Utah
10/25/12 8:30 pm

Agreed they are already dead and you might use them for a good cause.

Bekka Just relaxing...
10/25/12 8:23 pm

Why not? The elephants are already dead.

pietsch Another Adoring Fan
10/25/12 7:44 pm

Why not? I'd like an ivory cameo for my daughter, whose middle name is Ivory.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
10/25/12 7:22 pm

Fences and trees get wracked by elephants. If you blow your horn or rev your engine while they are in musk, your car is likely to discover the power of an elephant. This can be funny to watch but not to experience. They have killed a van full of people when agitated.

dflem Arizona
10/25/12 7:18 pm

What else will you do with it? Set it in a storage locker somewhere until it just gets stolen....get some money for a good cause

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
10/25/12 7:14 pm

I have been told the CIA does this to fund black projects. This seems a bit far out to me?

DeepSheet California
10/25/12 7:09 pm

What, are they just supposed to throw it all away?? Anyhow, I think the elephants killed for for that ivory would be happy, if they somehow knew, that a part of them would be used to ensure that more elephants do not meet the same unfortunate demise they fell victims to.

10/25/12 6:42 pm

They might as well auction them off because otherwise they would have little use (they often burn them in some countries).