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Show Of Hands January 24th, 2013 12:00am

Would you make a better defense attorney, or prosecutor?

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EmWalt Meet Jim the Duck
01/28/13 3:17 pm

Awesome! Congratulations!

EmWalt Meet Jim the Duck
01/28/13 3:17 pm

Somehow, I don't think little New Jersey will be able to defend against us all! :)

01/27/13 3:26 pm

As long as I get to yell dramatically

kateXcore Dark side of the moon
01/26/13 6:19 pm

Defense! I could save innocent people from punishment.

k8tie thanks obama
01/26/13 4:53 pm

I love how in the results, there is one tiny speck of blue.

zorthog The Republic
01/25/13 2:27 pm

Defense attorneys are no better when they get a murderer or child molester off even though the defense attorney knows they are guilty. They have no morals when they work for the money to get a criminal off or set free. Look at OJ Simpson. He got away with murder because of his immoral def attorney

ltsmith WV
01/25/13 2:15 pm

Really? I mean to put all defense attorneys with abortionist is insane

01/25/13 10:17 am

I worked for the innocence project so i kno it happens, prosecutors who hide or destroy exculpatory evidence should burn in the pits of hell. However, that's the exception not the rule. I will withdraw a case quickly if its bs. But I could never stomach defending someone like say a child rapist.

01/25/13 8:08 am

Everybody in america seems to know how to point out faults in others and never looking at themselves to find those same faults. Nobody's perfect. We all breath, eat, and crap.

Biolaser New England
01/25/13 7:46 am

I actually plan to go to law school and become a prosecutor. I really take joy in seeing the guilty behind bars.

zorthog The Republic
01/25/13 6:54 am

Prosecutor. There is a dark inner circle of Hell with unimaginable suffering and torment specially reserved for abortion doctors and most defense attorneys.

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
01/25/13 12:58 am

Most likely defense, but I believe I do do either effectively. As a prosecutor I would have a hard time with bad cop cases (forced confessions, planted evidence, abuse, unlawful search warrants) as a defense attorney my biggest problem would be guilty child and elderly abusers and rapists.

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
01/25/13 12:51 am

You guys think a DA has that much power? A DA works for the state, they have bosses that tell them what to do, that hand them cases.
A defense attorney that knows his client is guilty still has an obligation to make sure the prosecution plays by the rules, not an obligation to get his client off.

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
01/25/13 12:44 am

Gaca that's the problem with our system. The black kids selling and smoking crack get hefty sentences while the white kids producing, selling and smoking meth get minimal sentences. We have to treat each drug regardless of its color (black and white) with the level of contempt.

01/24/13 10:58 pm

I feel that if a person is convicted by their peers then they should be punished. (No death cause with a flawed system you shouldn't take what you can't replace) but if not found guilty, including acquittal, then leave them be.

01/24/13 10:56 pm

I would have to defend. It is easy to prosecute. We do it every time we watch a news story. Look at OJ or Casey Anthony. Both are convicted in the court of public opinion. When was the last time you heard about a man accused of rape and thought "he's likely innocent"?

swervin Maryland
01/24/13 10:13 pm

I hate criminals so I don't think I could defend one.

01/24/13 9:20 pm

Defense is a breeze. One procedural error and boom, your client is home free.

01/24/13 8:08 pm

I wouldn't defend anyone I believed to be guilty of rape or murder, but if I could choose another career (other then the one I truly love, engineer) it would be a defense attorney

01/24/13 7:47 pm

I couldn't defend a guilty guy and wouldn't want too.

sgkitty new york
01/24/13 6:47 pm

I have done both and hated prosecution.

sgkitty new york
01/24/13 6:46 pm

Funny. I have done both and think being a defense attorney is so much easier.

01/24/13 6:15 pm

(I fully realize that not one of you will understand this. My apologies; carry on.)

01/24/13 5:43 pm

I have a strong protective instinct and am often on the weaker side although I'd decline if I am convinced my client is in fact guilty - defense it is but not public defender, if they cannot reject a case.
"The high and mighty state of xy against..." usually has me rushing to the defense.

tdaddy Kentucky
01/24/13 5:21 pm

Anyhow, it all boils down to neither a question of innocence or guilt, it is only a matter of how many judicial reelection funds the defendant's lawyer was able to contribute to and how many sand pits he/she could allow to contribute to a subpar game when golfing with his/her favorite judge.

tdaddy Kentucky
01/24/13 5:12 pm

prevented if only I had operated with the legal maxim in mind, innocent until proven guilty.

tdaddy Kentucky
01/24/13 5:11 pm

Defense, because our legal system operates on the principle innocent until proven guilty, while almost every prosecutor I have ever known has worked with the assumption "guilty until proven innocent." I would never be able to live with myself if I ever sent an innocent person to a death I could have

01/24/13 5:03 pm

I'm already a damn good prosecutor. I have no interest in ever being a defense attorney tho I could. I love gathering the evidence & making out my case. IMO it's actually easier being a prosecutor despite having the burden b/c realistically "guilty before innocent" is what's in people's subconscious

ltsmith WV
01/24/13 4:58 pm

All of the talk about defense attorneys being scumbags is annoying. My father started out in prosecution and eventually ended up in defense. He gives people, that most of the time have had a hard live, a second chance. Many of his clients get their lives back on track with his help.

ltsmith WV
01/24/13 4:51 pm

You don have to. If you're working for yourself you are allowed to pick and choose your clients.

jrc242 Lakewood Washington
01/24/13 4:40 pm

Everyone always willing to judge someone else. Not many are willing to stick up for others. Not everyone who goes on trial is guilty.

hmharris SoCal
01/24/13 4:37 pm

Prosecutor because I love making sure people who do bad things are punished for what they've done. I do it to my sister all the time :)

01/24/13 4:10 pm

Defense. Prosecutor has the burden or proof.

Happy Hong Kong
01/24/13 3:48 pm

Defense seems easier: sow reasonable doubt. If that's not possible then go for a plea bargain.

Prosecution seems more difficult: it's not enough to simply accuse someone, you have to prove that they did it.

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
01/24/13 3:06 pm

To be honest, I wouldn't be any good at either.

adam2890 Denver
01/24/13 3:06 pm

Defense wins championships! Lol

01/24/13 2:47 pm

Defense is easier. The burden of proof is on the prosecution.

01/24/13 2:46 pm

I don't believe my dog ever bit you. And my dog doesn't bite. And it wasn't my dog. And I don't have a dog. - Racehorse Haynes, Best Defense Attorney in the World.

01/24/13 2:34 pm

Defense is easier - you poke one hole in the prosecutions case and you win.

EarlyBird Portland
01/24/13 1:44 pm

Or OJ Simpson

01/24/13 1:40 pm

But I'd rather be prosecutor

01/24/13 1:39 pm

I like to argue so either!

tjrooks kingwood, TX
01/24/13 1:23 pm

I'd like to think prosecutor but I lack the patience that side of the street requires.

halsnobordrgrl CT
01/24/13 12:55 pm

I don't think I'd be halfway decent as either.