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shilove145 Maryland
06/03/12 1:42 am

However (part II of my other post) as much as I hate disco--ALL music influenced all other music (hip hop has disco influence, as does RnB, country etc) all music genres mesh in some way, so you have to respect all genres technically.

shilove145 Maryland
06/03/12 1:40 am

Nope. Born in 1980 and I don't like disco/dance/techno/go-go/house/club music lol

05/30/12 10:25 am

buncha liars! We still have disco...they just call it dance or club now ;)

05/23/12 7:58 am

Disco Disco...........Disco Disco............

lmurder MDK
05/22/12 10:28 pm

@murphy you think all the polyester, plaid, big hair and douchy camero's were cool.
That era had to suck big time. Suicide rates must of been at all time highs.
Hippie rock phase faded into boppy dance tunes. Puke.

fossilman Youngstown, Ohio
05/22/12 9:16 pm

I feel like a good number of those who said no are just ashamed to admit they had the fever.

05/22/12 6:16 pm

Like cotton candy - fun on occasion, but not good for every-day consumption.

05/22/12 5:27 pm

@Hipster69... Hope you mean that in a good way :).... I love Rock, Heavy Metal, Folk and Disco! Disco is/was a bit misunderstood... it was not just Thumping. it is very Complex musically. Open your minds people..

Planoneck Guam
05/22/12 5:25 pm

Wouldn't make my top ten list of favorite genres, or even top twenty, but who can deny the pure pleasure rush that is "Boogie Wonderland"?

bandgeeky New Jersey
05/22/12 5:09 pm

Lol. I'm a teen and I love some disco! I guess i was born 40 years too late

Topgun California
05/22/12 4:49 pm

Disco didn't die.. It was murdered.

05/22/12 4:20 pm

Not even a little. Hated it when it as new as well.

05/22/12 3:41 pm

@Lmurder - What makes you think that?

dabrat East Coast
05/22/12 1:14 pm

Closet disco, I'm a rock/pop/alternative lover so it wasn't cool to like disco but sometimes I couldn't help myself from tappin when the beat started!

05/22/12 11:41 am

Lol at the age groups

adalla Virginia
05/22/12 9:52 am

Ron Paul questions and now disco?! Is Tony off his meds??

leftocentr Oregon
05/22/12 8:56 am

Lived through the 70s. Liked rock better, but the occasional disco song was tolerable. Still like "I'm your boogie man" by KC and the Sunshine Band.

05/22/12 8:43 am

Check out youtube for the song "Get Off" by Foxy, it epitomizes the disco era.

05/22/12 7:43 am

I wonder why people hate disco. It not bad at all. I think people hate it because everyone else does, it's just the thing to do.

05/22/12 7:40 am

If you liked the BeeGees, you liked disco.

Shhhhh, won't say a word.

KellyPA Pennsylvania
05/22/12 7:08 am

I was born long after disco was relavant but it's some great dance music. Much better than today's!

05/22/12 7:01 am

Some was good, some seriously sucked..

05/22/12 6:16 am

Love disco, classic rock, techno, Korean Pop, heavy metal, pretty much everything but the Americas pop music today. It was better two years ago. They didn't all literally sound the same.

05/22/12 5:13 am

HeatherLuv, if you like Abba you like disco. We'll keep it a secret.

aam Pennsylvania
05/22/12 4:51 am

Some of the best music to dance to. Who doesn't love Superfreak???

05/22/12 4:23 am

age filters lol, I'm in the 21 and under

rachael101 New York
05/22/12 4:22 am

@babagirl,u don't have to be young to listen to music

05/22/12 1:05 am

@prterri: funny thing is I like disco and dancefloor but am such a klutz I can't dance for shoot :)
Same with sports: I used to play soccer in senior high but usually was off the field because try as I might I was more likely to hit other player's shins than the ball.
And that's a foul in soccer ;)

05/22/12 12:19 am

Disco is still some of the best party music there is--everyone says they don't like it but when you start playing it they all start dancing and dinging along!

05/21/12 11:27 pm

Early disco yes later disco I'm selective to

05/21/12 10:45 pm

Utah Rocks! Except when it snows and it's so cold that you can't feel your face. Well, at least in the northern part of the state.

05/21/12 10:44 pm

I never see other comments from Utah.

05/21/12 10:43 pm

I quit using discos when I got my first mp3 player. Wait, what? What's Disco?

05/21/12 10:14 pm

Got a good beat, easy to dance to, I would give it a 9. :-)

blutuesday California
05/21/12 10:14 pm

Except for one brief night in Cancun, no.

05/21/12 9:47 pm

I answered no because, on the whole, I don't particularly care for it, but there are some songs that I love.

05/21/12 9:26 pm

How many of you actually know what disco is?