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Show Of Hands September 12th, 2012 12:00am

Does the Libyan government deserve thanks for *trying* to stop attack on the U.S. Embassy, or do they deserve blame for *not* stopping it?

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haussparke Texas
09/18/12 8:14 pm

We don't know enough information to make that judgement. We never will either. We aren't there, so we could never know.

NotAsheep Nevada
09/18/12 11:15 am

How can republicans be so out of touch with reality?! There is video of Libyans dying while trying to SAVE our people!

tdaddy Kentucky
09/16/12 8:28 pm

I don't think America should even have embassies in countries that act in uncivilized ways to our citizens.

09/15/12 3:40 pm

Who is pushing Muslims around? My god the last 3 1/2 years Obama has apologized given them billions. He din't take into account what his hit list does or how easily young uneducated people are brought up hating everyone that doesn't believe like they do. It just proves Obama is not p o the task.

cowboy Here and There
09/15/12 7:53 am

Of course it's Obama's fault. He sent American money, and supplies, to the Muslim Brotherhood. Barack Hussein Obama helped his brothers out then invited them to the White House while refusing to meet Netanyahu. The picture couldn't be anymore clearer.

09/14/12 10:50 pm

Wow to say this is Obama fault

09/14/12 3:43 pm

I think that maybe I was upset about what I was watching. I can't even imagine what those families are going through. I did find it very troubling that Obama picked this time to be patriotic. But now I see it was respect he was showing. I apologize for my out burst!

09/14/12 3:10 pm

I think Ms. Clinton speaks slow purposefully, so as to allow interpreter to catch every word.

09/14/12 2:55 pm

I just know my brother is a Marine. I could only imagine what those families are going through. But for the grace of God.

09/14/12 2:54 pm

Not "what was that" what was it that you saw? I just read your post.

09/14/12 2:53 pm

Did you watch the whole thing? I didn't see that. I thought she introduced him.

09/14/12 2:51 pm

No I didn't. I saw them clasp hands for a brief second after his speech. What was that?

09/14/12 1:56 pm

NOW Obama said GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES!! And put his hand over his heart, I am sorry but that just doesn't seem honest to me. I am sickening by all this that has happened. And this was on OBAMA's watch!

09/14/12 1:48 pm

Vexed seriously? Didn't you see what he did to Hillary? Wow

09/14/12 1:48 pm

Keep her anger in check. This self-centered man took over and he is moving things forward pretty quickly. Hillary was speaking too slowly. You folks that will be voting for this man are fools in my book.

09/14/12 1:45 pm

I am sitting here watching those 4 men's bodies that was just brought back to the states. As tears well up in my eyes, I just choose not to hate anyone in my life. As Hillary was talking Obama interrupted her and took the mike. I see Hillary's face right now and she is doing everything she can to

09/14/12 11:52 am

You know I'm listening to the President speak at the four men's coming home memorial service. I swear I heard a lump in his voice. I felt for the first time he was really being sincere. Rethinking my thoughts.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
09/14/12 11:51 am

RPG- "America's own fault"????? Wth??? How is it America's fault that a bunch of idiots half a world away decided to attack our embassy?? Reports are saying it was a planned attack that used the protests as cover. How is this our fault?? For having an embassy there? We were invited to have one!!!!

09/14/12 11:32 am

The embassy should have been better protected. Besides, the attacks were America's own fault. BLOWBACK.

ishady 86451132020
09/14/12 10:34 am

I don't necessarily blame bush for 9/11 even if he ignored the warnings. But you don't think a decade of him might have had an influence on our foreign policy ? Not even a teenie tiny bit?

ishady 86451132020
09/14/12 10:29 am

You neo-cons want to go around the world pushing Muslims around to please your Jewish masters and what does it get us? More terrorism. It's the U.S that's hated around the world for sticking our nose in where it doesnt belong.

ishady 86451132020
09/14/12 10:27 am

And 8 years of bush policy's has nothing to do with our standing as being invaders? Afghanistan was necessary I agree but Iraq? It was the same with the" strong America " Reagan policys that gave us a decade of terrorism, assassination , hostage taking , Beirut ,Lockerbie bombing.

09/14/12 9:07 am

Ishady and Bush caused all of this, get over the past and live with your presidents polices. Passing the buck after all this time only tells us all he is in over his head. He is lost doesn't know what to do and its pathetic!

ishady 86451132020
09/14/12 7:22 am

Bringing this on me Staind? A monkey from a zoo could have told romney to at least wait 12 hours till you get all the facts and not look like a fool. Basic to ppl who aren't desperate and incompetent.

ishady 86451132020
09/14/12 7:19 am

I agree on real journalism they take sides. But make sure you lump fox in with that statement.

ishady 86451132020
09/14/12 7:18 am

John McCain called for how many military interventions? Don't put your candidates moronic mistakes on Obama it just makes you sound like your back peddling.

09/14/12 6:56 am

criminal. The other thing thats criminal is how the press tries to make Romney the biggest part of this story as a cover for Obamas failed policies. You know its a freak show when the New York times puts the libya story on page 4, they have proven that real journalism id dead and gone!

09/14/12 6:56 am

Arab Spring sounds like a douche scent.

09/14/12 6:53 am

Ishady sorry but Obama was the one calling for the arabic spring. In Libya for sure he was the one that pit up a no fly zone he was the one that had our boots on the ground lighting up targets for NATO (American) jets. This is ALL on him and Hillary, to not have protection at our embassy was

09/14/12 6:27 am

So ishady, what advice would you give Romney? And, being the gifted individual you appear to be, why are you not working for the Romney campaign?

You did submit your resume, right?

09/14/12 5:22 am

<---- WHERE was the added security? It was 9/11 for Gods sake! And out this morning are talks of as much as 48 hours warning that there was trouble brewing and where was Dhead! Campaigning and talking to Pimp with a limp! Totally inept and the deaths are on his shoulders. Sleep tight Mr. O!

tchance2 32218
09/14/12 5:15 am

Bush didn't go to a convention in Vegas after the attack. And MANY democrats criticized Bush's decisions....AND you are 100% right by saying we need to come together, however Dems want to apologize for our freedom of speech as if that justifies murder!

ishady 86451132020
09/14/12 4:55 am

No president can guarantee every Americans protection without the assistance of that countries leadership. Even bush couldn't protect America from attack on our soil. But ppl knew it was a time to come together not a time to divide. Romney is getting bad advice from bad advisors.

ishady 86451132020
09/14/12 4:51 am

They are two countries in chaos that all republicans called for Attacks on the leadership to remove. Well now you have what you wanted and it bites you on your ass. Take responsibility for what you say and do. Isn't that your motto?

09/14/12 4:46 am

Yeah right and I guess under this president you don't get protection in a hostile country where the government is just trying to survive. And why read the security briefs? Especially when you already know everything about everything. Got to get to Vegas, yeah thats way more important!

ishady 86451132020
09/14/12 2:47 am

And every facility in the middle east was on heightened alert. Al Qaeda chose to attack under the cover of the protests. To insinuate the state department knew of an attack by al Qaeda is a lie. But I expect nothing less by now from the republicans and Romney.

ishady 86451132020
09/14/12 2:25 am

When isn't 9/11 a target date for attack? Stevenson knew the risks traveling to a lightly defended consulate but he thought it was important. He did his job and died a hero. To use his death politically shows a lack of true character on the GOP and Romney.

09/13/12 9:47 pm

discuss Nicky Minaj, Hip Hop music and the Buccaneers. On September 11, this is what Obama was doing instead of attending a national intelligence briefing.

09/13/12 9:47 pm

The last time the Wonder Kid who personally got Bin Laden attended an intelligence briefing was on September 5th. Since then it’s been all campaign events and softball questions from media lapdogs
Obama found time to do multiple radio interviews,

09/13/12 9:45 pm

"Pimp with a Limp” is what Obama thought was more important than being briefed on critical national security threats. He made his choice and people died. There should be some political accountability for that.

09/13/12 8:09 pm

Read the reports and accounts of the incident. There wasn't any "help" except to the demonstrators.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
09/13/12 7:45 pm

I said thanks only because the new President offered a seemingly sincere apology, and because a free government can more effectively respond to events rather than dictate events. Whether it's a free government remains to be seen, but that's why I voted for thanks.

09/13/12 7:06 pm

Blame and they should be held accountable. We send 1.5bil dollars over there yearly for what. F them! Drop a a big Muslim bomb on them too! nuke the entire country.

09/13/12 6:37 pm

Beyonce & Jay-Z!

Obama gonna get his freak on. Hey, the guy needs a little one or two night vacation right now.