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Should non-citizen permanent legal residents have the right to vote? (UserQ)

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EIT Near You
09/15/12 9:22 am

Voting is a privilege; no different than driving.

kirksten Columbia, MO
09/14/12 9:12 pm

All you have to do is want to be a part of our country more than the one you came from and you can vote. If that hurts your feelings, too bad. If you feel like a second class citizen, that's because you don't want to be an actual citizen. You don't get to vote on our laws and choose our officials.

09/14/12 12:36 am

I'm in the same boat as Damien. 15 years too.

09/13/12 9:01 am

There is a limit to how many people can live in one nation. Doesn't there ave to be limits and isn't it the illegal aliens then who screwed it for the people who wanted to just come here like it used to be?

09/13/12 8:59 am

Damien. That makes sense.

09/13/12 5:06 am

I have a greencard, been here 15 years, work, pay taxes, and cant vote. I'm not giving up my nationality just to vote, i'm proud of where i came from, but i have no intention of leaving since i have a son here.

09/12/12 11:02 pm

No taxation without representation. Permanent residents get taxed but have no representation.

09/12/12 8:36 pm

My mother is, and no I do not think she should be allowed to vote. She has chosen to be a CITIZEN of her own country.

JoannaT Illinois
09/12/12 7:11 pm

I am a US citizen and I think that anyone that pays taxes and LIVES in the US should be able to vote

09/12/12 5:47 pm

As a non-citizen perms ant resident myself,I don't think we should have the right to vote, just like I wouldn't want them to vote n Canada ( where I am a citizen)

09/12/12 4:59 pm

@christmoose - you nailed it... The number of people who aren't really reading the questions unreal!! Had the words (green card) been added I bet we'd have different results

calloveca California
09/12/12 4:08 pm

This poll shows that Democrats are the ones who have a heart and truly care for others.

calloveca California
09/12/12 4:06 pm

Well if they live here and are really involved in this poll country then they should be able to.

christmoose North Carolina
09/12/12 9:34 am

WOW it is astounding the amount of people who have no idea what a permanent US resident is.

09/12/12 8:29 am

Seriously democrats? That many of you would say yes?
Maybe you shouldn't be allowed to vote. Obviously completely unaware of civics.

EarlyBird Portland
09/12/12 7:04 am

Of course: poor, young, dems say yes to this.

mzenike North Carolina
09/12/12 5:45 am

Show your God damn id at the polls or go back to Mexico, china or Africa or Canada. Legals need only apply.

jstan New Jersey
09/12/12 4:56 am

Dependent on their legal status. You can be here on visa and not have to apply for citizenship they are a functioning part of our society so I think they deserve the rights of a partial citizen. (This is slightly subjective though because I have a friend in such a situation)

09/12/12 4:25 am

Ridiculous question! I'm appalled that any US citizen would vote yes to this question.

09/12/12 4:22 am

@ultravegan-- that previous comment was directed at you--auto correct

09/12/12 4:21 am

@ultra Egan--That is the most ridiculous uneducated opinion I've ever heard.

09/12/12 12:53 am

I actually liked us better when we used to say : the US HAVE not has.

09/12/12 12:19 am

the U.S has such a global effect that I think everyone on the planet should be able to vote in the presidential election.

09/11/12 11:02 pm

In other words : if you speak English fluently, have the intention to become a US citizen, haven't committed a felony BUT have no employer issued "green card " you cannot become a legal resident let alone a citizen - the times of letters of intent are over.

09/11/12 10:55 pm

All I see in the CSM article is that some foreigners were naturalized. To disprove me, you have to show that they didn't become legal residents by refugee status or employment green card (work visa) first. All I claim is you cannot become a citizen just because you want to like it was way back.

09/11/12 10:52 pm

...or are sent here with a green card by your employer, I see no way to become a legal resident first which is the first hurdle without a spouse or close relative.

09/11/12 10:50 pm

@Hawk :
It is easy to become a US citizen once you are a legal permanent resident.
However, unless you are from a country that has an oppressive regime like Cuba...

RJ1969 SoCal
09/11/12 10:01 pm

These people don't even have to live here and now they can influence the outcomes of elections.


RJ1969 SoCal
09/11/12 10:01 pm

Way to focus on the real problem!

RJ1969 SoCal
09/11/12 10:00 pm

Good question....why would we allow a foreign citizen to vote?

Well, since corporations are people too, Corporate board members from any country can authorize anonymous contributions and are able to donate as much money as they want to campaigns thru PACs.

RJ1969 SoCal
09/11/12 9:57 pm

Easy effort?

Is that a joke?

commonsense America isnt racist
09/11/12 9:56 pm

If they can't take the time and easy effort to want to join the us as a citizen, then no. They should not have the right to vote.

There is a reason only citizens vote.
Why would you allow foreign citizens to vote? (they are foreign even if they are legal, until they have us citizenship)

RJ1969 SoCal
09/11/12 9:51 pm

nb, we have literally millions of people here, legally, who pay all the same taxes everybody else dose.

nb35819 Atlanta
09/11/12 9:33 pm

Doesn't pay taxes......shut the fuck up you don't get to say how anything goes. You're not contributing to the country by being here you're contributing to your own pocket.

Rosebud Ohio
09/11/12 9:14 pm

Praet- haven't read all the comments, but that's bull. I know several people who have recently become citizens, and aren't married to a citizen.
And heck no. Become a citizen if you want to vote.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
09/11/12 7:58 pm

@vexed: If they are paying taxes, they are earning an income. If you lived with me and payed me money, what the hell do you need to vote on? Government is not a family.

09/11/12 7:19 pm

As long as the rest of get to vote absentee in other Country's elections. Yeah, just try to do that!

09/11/12 6:09 pm

@mrken : We live in a post 9/11 world.
There is no legal way to citizenship other than through marriage or direct ancestry.
If you call me a liar you are simply misinformed.

09/11/12 6:06 pm

@mrken and all :
Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.
How dare you spit on what this country was built on?

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
09/11/12 5:59 pm

Only committed real physical people should vote. Corporations cannot vote (although they do) nor should anyone who has no skin in the game. It takes time to understand the subtleties and be able to contribute effectively.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
09/11/12 5:38 pm

The right to vote, and thereby contribute to governance, must be reserved to citizens. Otherwise, where is the impetus to obtain citizenship?

09/11/12 5:31 pm

I know we are allowed to move. I don't know how to say it.

Malekithe My pronouns are GFY
09/11/12 5:25 pm

Neither should anyone who does pay income taxes or is a spouse of someone who does.
And homosexuals should be allowed to get married.

09/11/12 5:00 pm

That makes no sense at all veritas. Are you saying if I come visit you, I'm adopted? yes if they are a citizen, then we have "adopted" them. If not they are just visitors.

veritas1 Panda
09/11/12 4:42 pm

@vexed. A more apr analogy would be why should you treat an adopted child as inferior to a biological one?