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12/23/11 9:45 pm

I am surprised, playstation has more users but only a small amount have a idevice kinda weird

miguelten1 Oregon
12/21/11 6:56 pm

the only reason they chose the xbox is because on one in this country can afford a ps3 because it's poor

Cuate California
12/21/11 11:16 am

Haha PS3 owners are such pussies!! Have you seen a PS3 and Xbox 360 gameplay side by side on a similiar game? there are minor differences in the graphics...and stop complaining about PS3 having free online. $60 ($40 from amazon) for a year subscription to xbox live isn't much, u cheap bastards.

chibears Maryland
12/19/11 8:41 am


bmgx Michigan
12/18/11 2:25 pm

Xbox has appealed to families, yet does not stand up to PS3's superior graphics engine and better games let alone the free online multiplayer. Xbox has expanded their Live content to have crap that i dont and will never use, so the question is, "why should i keep paying for an overpriced console?"

12/16/11 5:46 pm

Xbox is better for many reasons, gears of war, party chat, more players, Halo!! 3 and Reach, triggers

Cuate California
12/15/11 11:39 am

Xbox has been the number one selling console every month this year. Almost sold 1 million consoles on black friday weekend. Its obvious which console is better.

12/15/11 5:55 am

I got both , Xbox for its exclusives and most 3rd party games. Ps3 for exclusives, fighting and RPG games. Also got the Wii for Nintendo developed games as they are genius'. Mario Galaxy and Zelda: Skyward Sword FTW.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
12/14/11 8:03 pm

Both systems do have very similar stats. Xbox has more RAM and PS3 has a faster processor with more cores.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
12/14/11 7:57 pm

Yea, Xbox hasn't been hacked... Yet. I wouldn't call anything in this life "safe" though.

purpledragon Pennsylvania
12/14/11 7:40 pm

@coke it's not like the word nerd is much of a insult anymore.

alaskan sleeping
12/14/11 5:16 pm

Xbox. Where I know my sh*t is safe.

12/14/11 3:40 pm

It's a freaking video game system you are seriously a nerd if you debate

12/14/11 3:35 pm

I hate it when people argue which is better.. Same graphics. You can play online. Who cares about the controller sizes, it really doesn't matter. There's different games for both of them. People have different opinions and opinions can't be wrong so who cares which is better.

12/14/11 1:18 am

@lyricist xbox is better IT HAS ALL THE SAME GAMES DOIIIIIII plus more and has better online "doesnt get hacked" nuff said.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
12/14/11 12:43 am

Cute but rude. Most likely I'm in better shape than you.

12/13/11 9:47 pm

Omfg I recommended this question lololololol

AntiMike Alabama
12/13/11 8:02 pm

I was loyal to Sony until 2001. I kind of even wanted to see the Xbox fail, until I played the Halo Combat Evolved demo.
Ten years later I'm more loyal than ever to Microsoft!
Can't wait to play Halo 4!!!!!

HolyBabble Mississippi
12/13/11 6:05 pm

wii wii is what granny's do in their diapers.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
12/13/11 3:25 pm

What is the difference between these and the wii? A granny wants to know

12/13/11 2:15 pm

@hotpockets I love ME as well! Preordered 3.

Also, I really freaking love BioShock. Just putting that out there lol.

12/13/11 7:04 am

I guess just another annoying add, I am much more of a PC gamer but since my PC can't run new games, I bought the 360. Might get a PS3 soon not sure

12/13/11 6:54 am

I'd also add that I LOVE Mass Effect and I'm glad I have the entire series! Waiting for 3 now :D! Until then, MORE BF3 >:)

12/13/11 6:53 am

My opinion is XBOX. Controllers rock, online is a thousand times better, and the party chat is a big boost for online gamers. SP wise goes to PS3. Graphics..both are the same really. Know your specs then talk. I chose XBOX since its cheaper and more of my friends have it. Easy as that. Fanboys -__-!

12/12/11 11:21 pm

Xbox. No contest. Light years ahead of Ps3.

12/12/11 11:18 pm

Xbox. The one thing that both parties can agree on. Mostly...

12/12/11 10:49 pm

Xboxes are so fun. PS3s r just trying to imitate wiis. U can actually excersice on the XBOX.

12/12/11 10:00 pm

better be Xbox as majority lol

dylansl Texas
12/12/11 8:40 pm

NO NO NO. No fanboy wars on SoH! Their both ok! What about pc!

12/12/11 8:31 pm

Ps3, for my kids, i have online for them, and you dont have to pay for it. It seems to have better games that they like as well, so win, win for me.

12/12/11 7:31 am

Xbox, gameplay>graphics

12/12/11 5:59 am

At 39, I must say I am partial to PS3 and MLB 11 The Show.

12/12/11 4:58 am

Playstation combines gaming and Blu-Ray, so we can do whatever with whatever. Not to mention free online play. In terms of games, Playstation has inFamous one and two, the Metal Gear Solid series, God of War, and Uncharted. XBox has Halo? Big whoop. Come at that, bro.

12/12/11 1:37 am

Ps3... Free online games! My Xbox has made an AMAZING doorstop though

12/12/11 12:34 am

Owned both at one point.

Got the red rings of death. Upgraded to a PS3 and never looked back. I find it so much more useful. Sony has such a good business model too. Still selling PS2 games and consoles, where's OG Xbox? Same thing is going to happen with PS3 v 360. You'll say, where's Xbox again?

polarized Tennessee
12/12/11 12:01 am

mississippi and Vermont can finally agree on something!

12/11/11 11:08 pm

To me they are kinda the same but I prefer Xbox merely because I own one and don't own a playstation. So I suppose it is a biased vote.

12/11/11 10:30 pm

I just won't to throw this out there for all the Xbox fanboys saying playstation sucks it gets hacked the Xbox was hacked way before the ps3 was and microsoft made a terrible decision going with Hd DVDs than blu ray and the kinect isn't even worth it for the little hard drive space you get stock.

DSTCLE Cleveland, OH.
12/11/11 10:17 pm

You posted my question. SWEET!!! Thanks.