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Show Of Hands April 14th, 2012 12:00am

Would you be in favor of a law requiring households earning $1 million or more annually to pay at least 30% income tax?

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kywrite augusta, ga
05/07/12 7:12 am

Flat tax. Deduct 20K for each household member and tax the rest at a fixed rate, not progressively. Eliminate all credits and most deductions. When we're all paying for government, we'll look closer at how they spend and demand accountability.

bl_968 Kentucky
05/07/12 3:05 am

my most generous clients and the friendliest would be considered wealthy. their also usually the hardest working. most of the trouble clients ive had would be considered lower income. I have no idea where this nonsense that "rich" people are mean comes from. historically "rich" people give the m

05/06/12 8:14 am

The issue is a red herring, because the tax law already imposes a thirty percent tax on someone who earns a million dollars in a year. Could it be that the folks asking the question (president and his administration) are being purposely misleading??

05/05/12 2:29 pm

It's not other people's to spend. It is not just.

05/04/12 10:02 pm

earning, not have. earning $1 mil a year doesn't make you wealthy? what world do you live in?

04/30/12 8:07 am

Just a little clarification: earning $1mil in a year doesn't make you wealthy. Stop buying into the politicians' narrative. They will always tell you that they want to tax someone else to pay for their mess. Stop falling for it.

anonymous0 Nevada
04/29/12 1:25 pm

how is the difference in tax change be spent? I support any law resulting from the classes to separate into extremes. well being of the whole>personal greed/freedom to become rich in the united states. 30% is still 700,000.

philmchawk Gaia Agia
04/29/12 10:40 am

Lol the ignorance of the south. (& Utah)

04/29/12 7:56 am

Great point and well said 4smallgov. The problem is not that we don't pay enough for our government. The problem is that we are asked to pay for too much government. We don't have a revenue problem...we have a spending problem. Make the government get by on less!

4smallgov Mississippi
04/28/12 10:21 pm

Just because people wish they were millionaires doesn't mean they should make millionaires fix the government's mistakes. Quit preying on the wealthy and trying to take their money away. ASK THEM FOR A JOB!

jimmie Missouri
04/28/12 9:28 pm

Nooooooooooooooooooooo lower taxes and DONT SPEND AS MUCH

04/27/12 7:09 am

The income tax system already has a provision to "force everyone to pay their fair share." It's called the alternative minimum tax, and it's been part of our tax system since 1969. Someone should tell the Obama administration.

04/26/12 5:50 pm

Wait, didn't they already pay taxes on the money they earned? If we want people to pay more for investments, then a law needs to be changed.

JamesMadison La Palma
04/24/12 10:56 pm

Considering the rich are usually selfish(not all) i think it would be great for ALL of them to give back to society

04/24/12 10:24 pm

Quit tinkering with the tax on income. Abolish it altogether!

04/24/12 10:23 pm

Remember everyone, we had to change the constitution in order to establish a tax on income. Forget it. It doesn't work and it never will be "fair."

04/24/12 10:21 pm

the only "fair tax" is a tax on consumption. No tax on based on income is fair. The Supreme Court knew this over 150 years ago.

DanIndepen Ohio
04/23/12 3:31 pm

amen tony! that and

DanIndepen Ohio
04/23/12 3:12 pm

not a law - just get rid of the larger loopholes, why the hell should we make MORE laws?!?! just take away from the ones we have currently!!

mitchrapp1 Florida
04/23/12 6:15 am

And this is what's wrong with our country: the majority of our people are rotten thieves.

Flooded Virginia
04/21/12 10:25 pm

seriously? no. It's my money, don't take it from me. You've screwed my generation and me over enough. Don't take away our income because you don't know how to budget.

04/21/12 7:20 am

so...who should have the money? The government (inept politicians with many hidden agendas) or the person who earned it?

latebird SOH Bunker
04/20/12 4:03 pm

It's less percentage wise but I assure you they are probably paying more than you have made in year entire life every year depending on how rich they are FLAT TAX FOR ALL INCOMES IS THE ONLY FAIR TAX

latebird SOH Bunker
04/20/12 4:02 pm

A flat tax is the only fair way to do it. If you draw a line a family with both parents bring in $500,000 each will only take in $700,000 and a family that makes $980,000 a year will be making more money than the other family who have higher salaries

04/20/12 1:09 am

I really can't believe that they aren't paying a higher tax rate already!

To see that someone making millions of dollars us paying less in taxes than someone making $30,000 a year is sickening! Further proof of how off kilter our government is. :)

JAsher Fishers, IN
04/19/12 11:52 pm

expect to pay out more in taxes. As I said before; those mega rich who do not feel like poorer people should get to keep a larger % of their earnings than they do are only selfish and greedy, and they should take their greed money and move to Switzerland, where Mitt Romney keeps his greed stashes.

JAsher Fishers, IN
04/19/12 11:49 pm

lower the tax they already pay, because our gov't is already bankrupt. The only fair thing is for the people who can afford it (and they can more than afford it) to pay more in taxes. I'm not talking about ripping all their money away. They're still allowed to be grotesquely rich; they should just

JAsher Fishers, IN
04/19/12 11:47 pm

@RonPaulGal I never said the government determines pay rates; I said the mega rich (who own the companies their employees work at). Also, I didn't say take it from them just because they're successful; what I was saying is that they should not pay less than people who make less, and you can't

Squid California
04/19/12 9:59 pm

Why are people so bitter towards people with a lot of money? Not all of them are born into it. Some people have truly worked hard for their fortune. Really guys, really? :/

04/19/12 6:15 pm

@rpgirl if you think that half the 1% worked hard enough to deserve it you're ignorant.

04/19/12 5:44 pm

Taxing the top 1% at 100% of their income won't even put a dent in the deficit....the country has a spending problem not a revenue problem.
Example if you made 1 million a year and were in debt your financial advisor would tell you to spend less not make
try and make more...government is no differ.

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
04/19/12 4:05 pm

Government has ample money now - they do not need anymore from anyone. Stop giving it away and we will be fine.
Stop third generation welfare babies.

04/19/12 10:02 am

How many of these wealthy people were just born that way and did nothing to earn it?

04/19/12 9:36 am

@JAsher - The ones who "only care about more and more money" are mostly the ones who have cheated their way to the top, basically own the government, and should be in jail anyway.

04/19/12 9:35 am

@JAsher - First, pay rates are determined by the market, not the government (unlike taxes). Second, most of the people in the 1% have worked hard and earned their money well. You can't take it from them just because they are successful.

04/18/12 7:54 pm

They pay roughly that amount now.

04/18/12 5:55 pm

Ok have a nice night then buddy!

04/18/12 4:12 pm

Then we can talk for you its all untested theory and u like the president don't get it! Been interesting though!

04/18/12 4:11 pm

jonny323: I'm out been fun! When you get out in the real world and have worked, created a business, met a payroll continuously for years, paid all your taxes, met with the guy that handles your benefit package for your employees and he tells you how much its going up.

04/18/12 1:25 pm

I think the government should figure out what an average working adult and an average dependent need to live (cost of water, food, and necessary bills) and only money made after that should be taxed at x% per $1000 upto 50%.

JAsher Fishers, IN
04/18/12 12:43 pm

balances in this world, or it will come crashing down, at everyone's expense.

JAsher Fishers, IN
04/18/12 12:42 pm

any animal that needs those animals to survive will die, and those animals that need those will die...etc, etc. Eventually animals we need to survive would die. Not only would it be tragic for these species to disappear anyway, we would lose food sources. There has to be certain checks and

JAsher Fishers, IN
04/18/12 12:40 pm

back to the stone age. Even the things we don't like in life are vital. Compare taxes to mosquitos, which everyone hates, and they spread disease, but some animals depend on them for food. If we eliminated all mosquitos, we might be happy for a bit, but those animals that red them will die, and

JAsher Fishers, IN
04/18/12 12:38 pm

taxes for the rich, then the gov't is going to be deficient, and will need to cut vital programs, or just be even more in debt. Those are the scenarios that would come with an equal tax rate. I know everyone hates taxes, but they're a necessary evil for the world to be happy; that is, unless we go

JAsher Fishers, IN
04/18/12 12:35 pm

I admit that there are programs that can, and probably should, be cut from the budget, but I would bet it still couldn't offset the ripple effect caused by throwing everyone into the same tax pool. Bottom line is: if you raise taxes on poor, then they can't afford to even live, and of you lower

JAsher Fishers, IN
04/18/12 12:31 pm

are not free of crime, and there are still under-educated people in our country, so education and defense should left alone. Those things cost money, and it has to come from somewhere.

JAsher Fishers, IN
04/18/12 12:30 pm

means," but you do realize that would mean drastically cutting things like Medicare, Social Security, education, defense (such as firemen and police officers, in addition to military). Our grandparents and disabled depend on Social Security to survive, not to mention Medicare. Plus, out streets

JAsher Fishers, IN
04/18/12 12:27 pm

who don't have the dire for the poorer people to keep more of their money than themselves are just selfish, and only shows how greedy our country really is. Rich people can afford to pay higher taxes, poorer people cannot. So then you say tax everyone less, and let the gov't live "within its