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Show Of Hands July 25th, 2011 12:00am

Pick a super power: control the weather by singing at the top of your lungs, or teleport yourself anywhere but lose your clothes in transit. (UserQ)

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08/08/11 3:21 pm

The only negative part of showing up everywhere without clothes would be all those people who are easily offended.

08/07/11 8:48 pm

If I can't take any clothes with my I'd teleport to Katy perry closet... :)

08/07/11 2:01 pm

@Zack100.. Haha good point!

08/06/11 10:28 pm

Well I don't want to randomly show up somewhere naked your super hero name would be: The Nudist, not exatly a name I'd want. Up in the air, it's a bird, it's a plane. No! It's The Nudist here to save our kids.

08/04/11 2:38 am

Singsky: I'd buy many crops, make it rain, sell my harvests, buy a ticket to wherever I wanna go, AND there would always be ideal weather there.

08/02/11 11:00 pm

I love you! Hahhahahahahaa!!!!! That's hilarious!

Jut347 Georgia
08/02/11 2:33 am

I don't care who sees me naked unless they know who it is. I'd teleport into the sky where nobody could recognize me. When I fall I'd just teleport higher for those of you who were wondering

Zack100 Tatooine
08/01/11 7:52 pm

@kaylaeggs plus youd be a hero if u helped out with the drought!

08/01/11 12:59 pm

@zack100.. Good point.. I change my answer to singsky!

07/31/11 10:55 pm

It's been over 100 degrees here for at least 30 days. Which one do you think I picked?

Zack100 Tatooine
07/30/11 8:57 pm

@kaylaeggs I think the idea is that u can't bring anything at all that isn't attached to ur body permanently!

07/30/11 4:17 pm

I would rather be able to teleport. I'd just bring a bag of clothes with me and teleport into the nearest bathroom :)

Zack100 Tatooine
07/30/11 2:11 pm

@richtophen what if ur a guy and u land in a girls closet?? What then Hmmmmmm????

nice_atheist Connecticut
07/28/11 10:59 pm

Anyways, I've already built a teleporter... It just has a few problems with time travel and such.

nice_atheist Connecticut
07/28/11 10:58 pm

If you could teleport, you could just do it into the nearest closet where you want to go.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
07/28/11 7:22 am

Sunny California is under a weather watch for meatballs being dropped at noon today... Ontario could have some Chicken Noodle soup come down with fury this evening... Somalia is finally having a steady flow of water... Back to you Bob... I think you get the point. SkySing!!!


FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
07/28/11 7:20 am

In Tornado Alley we have dancing tornados traveling along the evacuated freeway with the occasional hop to other car-less roads. Strangely, whenever something gets in the way it hops over it without picking it up...

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
07/28/11 7:20 am

I would prefer to choreograph weather phenomenon... Good morning ladies and gentlemen, Here's your weather forecast for today.

The west side of nameless street is 80° below 0 while the East side is positive 110° Celsius. The NWS has issued a warning telling all residents to stay inside today...

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
07/28/11 7:05 am

Btw, North Carolinians definition of blizzard is slued by the fact that the most snow they've had was 18" ONCE in the 1980s. I have seen 3 FEET before in PA, and that was just a snowSTORM!!!


FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
07/28/11 7:05 am

@nickdanger In North Carolina you have mid-November to March of Cold with a possible Blizzard of 3" of snow. Then from April to September it's HOT...

07/27/11 11:16 pm

teleporting would be awesome! being naked would be even better!

07/27/11 8:03 pm

There would be a lot of naked hot women

07/27/11 6:02 pm

homesick - I completely agree with you. Changing the weather would have an enormous change on the weather patterns of other regions. Skinporting on the other hand would be deliciously risqué and terminator-esque. Just please folks, work out before choosing that option for the sake of everyone else;)

Wert A picture of my junk
07/27/11 10:23 am

Shorty, the reason 115°F in Minnesota makes the news is because it otherwise never happens. For Texas, it's expected and is hardly newsworthy. However, when you get an inch of slush in the winter, Texas shuts down and cars go into ditches. Try -30°F windchill, sometime.

Overmind Texas
07/27/11 6:58 am

Shorty, it hasn't rained here either.

07/27/11 3:47 am

haha...thts alot'a naked ppl...(;

emsies Seattle
07/27/11 1:59 am

I find it funny how if I ask people about what superpowers they want, they say something and then immediately say "But I wouldn't abuse it!"
I say they're stupid! I would TOTALLY abuse my superpower! Ya know how fun that'd be? IMMENSELY FUN!

emsies Seattle
07/27/11 1:55 am

In Seattle it rained practically all day here. As it does everyday. Every year. All year long. We had (before this week) 78 minutes of summer (80+) and 13 hours of 75+ weather. The whole year. We basically have two seasons, winter (Sept to Early July), and about a month of summer (July to Aug). Wow.

07/27/11 1:14 am

And the heat? No one ever brings up how we suffer each year with the 100* heat in south Texas and one northerner gets it and it's all over the news. Oh brother.

07/27/11 1:13 am

Dallas is complaining? How about coming to South Texas where it hasnt rained in weeks and weeks. Amateurs.

Piper? Texas
07/27/11 12:12 am

Hello neighbors from Dallas! I know everyone is talking about record braking temps come August. Starting to have water regulations too. ~Fort Worth

homeagain NWA
07/26/11 11:34 pm

Don't you people know that the weather is a delicate balance? I mean yeah singing away global warming sound like sunshine and rainbows(literally) but think about the repercussions. In this light, skin port is much less selfish and I dare say more fun.

veritas1 Panda
07/26/11 11:19 pm

@bbelle. You live in Dallas, too? Day 24…no relief in sight.

07/26/11 10:51 pm

being in TX we've had 24 straight days of over 100 degree temps with no rainfall since April, I'll take the change the weather!

07/26/11 5:51 pm

Teleport yourselves to a dressing room

07/26/11 3:00 pm

I don't mind being naked...

07/26/11 12:30 pm

lewisBook - Better you lay low on that comment! Mrs. Story will come down on you like a hen on a junebug!

Wert A picture of my junk
07/26/11 11:54 am

Woo hoo!!!! Naked teleporting! I'm in.

Zack100 Tatooine
07/26/11 10:25 am

I have to say that singing is less embarrassing and controlling the weather means u would never be too hot or cold and u could save the world from tornadoes and hurricanes! (Sorry california, earthquakes aren't weather)

07/26/11 10:17 am

Ok this is the stupidest question ever

geoag02 Dallas, TX
07/26/11 9:42 am

You could keep a stash of clothes in a private room at work and then teleport there in the morning instead of driving. This would save both time and gas.

Eric Wisconsin
07/26/11 9:26 am

These are pretty crappy powers.

07/26/11 8:47 am

Put your clothes into a bag and teleport somewhere private where its near ur intended location and change

higuys Illinois
07/26/11 8:40 am

with the weather one, how much control do I get? Can I make a tornado dance?