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Did you ever pee your pants at school? (UserQ)

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09/10/12 8:50 pm

No pee pee, but did drop a huge load in my shorts at a pep rally in the 6th grade. FML

09/07/12 3:11 pm

No but I did pee in someone else's pants once. I have good aim.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
09/06/12 10:15 pm

Pee? No. Crap out a shart? Absolutely! A big one too. There was no saving the underwear.

yesmaam socal
09/06/12 9:34 pm

I live how people are making their confessions!

09/06/12 1:27 pm

1st grade music teacher wouldn't let me go to the bathroom so I did lol

SillyNiner New York
09/06/12 9:53 am

When I have seizures, I pee my pants & I had one at 13 & 17 so yes involuntarily....

09/05/12 9:19 pm

Once in elementary school, my teacher wouldn't let me go to the bathroom, I asked numerous times before I couldn't hold it anymore and pissed myself. I hated that teacher, lol.

09/05/12 7:41 pm

once in kindergarten... which is 2 times too many

09/05/12 4:41 pm

Many, many, many, MANY times ????????????????????????????????????????????????

09/05/12 3:43 pm

Not that I can remember. I did pee myself at work once when I was pregnant. I sneezed then had to go home & change. LOL!

FakeSound Arizona
09/05/12 10:55 am


PeppyHare Do a barrel roll
09/04/12 7:14 pm

Nope but I had diarrhea once. Not bad or anything. 2nd grade... No one knew, I just said I wasn't feeling well and went to the nurses office.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
09/04/12 6:01 pm

Higher incomes have bigger bladders???

09/04/12 5:02 pm

1st grade, went to the teachers desk to ask to go, she yelled everyone to sit down, so I sat at my desk and flooded my area.she felt really bad

Nerdz Texas
09/04/12 4:15 pm

Not really, but my sister on the other hand...

catey Pennsylvania
09/04/12 3:47 pm

It was ONE TIME!! gosh i was in kindergarten and I have NEVER LET IT GO!

Sam95 Nebraska
09/04/12 3:14 pm

lol I did once in elementary school. These 2 boys kept making me laugh and yea..
But thank God it was at the end of the day!

monkeyy Ohio
09/04/12 3:01 pm

Lol. During a 7th grade cross country practice I REALLY haD to go and we were in the middle of a run so I kind of… went.

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
09/04/12 2:15 pm

Oh geez did I piss my pants a lot as a little kid. For some reason I couldn't hold it. Earned me the nickname "little piss-pot" until I was about four. Then it became "little pissy". To this day, I have cousins who STILL call me that. It was pretty funny though.

crzysxycool Staten Island
09/04/12 1:01 pm

In the 2nd grade my teacher wouldn't let me use the bathroom. So, I got up stood in front of her desk and just peed.

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
09/04/12 12:51 pm

Not to be rude but the app says so! Obviously it isn't because of their party- it's just a coincidence.

snafu Washington
09/04/12 10:38 am

Not at school but once, after school in junior high my friends and I were laughing so hard I peed my pants.

09/04/12 8:54 am

I never use the bathroom in school.

gcoopdogg In a Mansion in My Head
09/04/12 7:25 am

75% of people were either playin' hookey their entire kindergarten year, or are damn LIARS!! :)

EJC Wisconsin
09/04/12 7:10 am

No, but thanks for jinxing me!

jimmyjelly BFE, PA
09/04/12 6:42 am

One time. In swimming class. A kid shat himself as he was climbing out of the pool. Name was Artie McGee. We called him assy McGee for years. And then a cartoon came out named assy McGee. It was awesome.

jimmyjelly BFE, PA
09/04/12 6:40 am

Once. And my friend billy Madison splashed water on hi pants to make it look cool. It worked. All the kids peed their pants. And the bus driver - Chris Farley- wasnt happy.

Kyonkichi Memphis
09/04/12 6:30 am

In first grade, yeah. Peed and pooped, I'm pretty sure. I think we were about to play Monopoly or something, and I waited til the very last minute. I was on my way to the toilet when it happened. I don't think the other kids knew, though.

09/04/12 6:18 am

No but i almost did during algebra regents cause the teacher wouldnt let us go to the bathroom!

ScarrletteRose North Carolina
09/04/12 6:14 am

In kindergarten my arch enemy (Sarah Swartout, in case shes reading this) peed her pants in front of everyone. I laughed so hard.

ning99 Neverland
09/04/12 4:53 am

I pied my pants in the lunch line... Everyone walked it in.

09/04/12 4:41 am

Lol, no, but I did throw up on my friend's backpack

lmurder MDK
09/04/12 1:17 am

No, but I remember the girl sitting next to me in 3rd grade doing so.

MichaelTX254 Check User Website
09/04/12 12:15 am

"You're not cool unless you pee your pants."

09/04/12 12:09 am

I think people forget kids have a lot more stress in their lives than any grownups ever had, so it's only natural they'll be pissing their pants as well.

4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
09/03/12 11:51 pm

No, but almost peed my pants when I saw the first exam in college calculus...but, I did ok.

RJ1969 SoCal
09/03/12 10:39 pm

I never peed in my pants, but other people's pants frequently.

09/03/12 10:32 pm

@Starry "Really retard"? Good job.

09/03/12 10:07 pm

No but my step brother did all the time. He'd piss and crap himself well into the 6th grade. I don't think he quit wetting the bed until he was at least 12.

elbow82 Veganland
09/03/12 10:05 pm

Preschool. I don't remember doing it after that.

Rhoyt97 North Carolina
09/03/12 9:26 pm

The very next day, I threw up on the playground, and gained the respect and admiration of a girl in the class I liked, the way I just up and walked away from my vomiting and retching behind the slide, like a little 1st grade badass. So yeah. That year was filled with unexpected bodily functions.