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Do you currently have a car payment? (UserQ)

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Sporter80 Oklahoma
06/04/12 10:39 pm

Very proud of all of the responsible people out there not purchasing things they have to make payments on!
I see commercials about people paying $200-$300 a month for a car payment. I have to say I'm disappointed.. 16 years old and I'm paying a steady $500/month to my mom, the previous owner.

Kommandant Indiana
05/31/12 3:02 pm

I have payed cash for all of my vehicles. They are all used too. 2 trucks, a sedan and a motorcycle.

ifuaskme Florida
05/31/12 5:35 am

At present there, 13% has answered yes. To those 13%, I am truly grateful for the sacrifice made by your loved one and wish you comfort and peace for your lose.

05/30/12 7:47 am

Nope and it's a relief. I have to agree with paying in cash (though we didn't do that with our house). It's much easier to stay on budget when you only have finite resources on hand.

05/30/12 4:57 am

I am not "filthy" rich but we bought a beautiful home w/ cash and we buy all of our vehicles/ toys w/ cash-- don't buy what you can't afford

05/30/12 4:56 am

@facemoose-- I have beautiful credit -- was in finance as my occupation for yrs until I couldn't stomach it anymore--I disagree w/ your rationale tho

FaceMoose Over There
05/28/12 10:14 pm

Wanna buy a house? Unless you are filthy rich, you'll need financing, and therefore you'll need good credit. Car totaled and insurance isn't enough to cover a new one? You're gonna need good credit to replace your vehicle. Cash only is not the best policy. Maintain a good credit history!

FaceMoose Over There
05/28/12 10:10 pm

@Lmurder Ah, we meet again. I find your ignorance almost offensive. In this country, more and more living relies heavily on your credit score. It is better to have a little debt constantly and stay on top of it than to have no debt and be a ghost in the credit world.

FaceMoose Over There
05/28/12 10:06 pm

Nope. I'm still driving my first car, which I've had for 5 years now. My dad bought it for me my first year in college. The previous owner had passed away and her kids just wanted to get rid of it. It had only 6,000 miles at the time. Now it has 109,000. It has been a great car.

blutuesday California
05/28/12 10:20 am

My brother and his wife have always leased cars, so they've had 2 car payments nonstop while raising 3 kids. Now, they are working extra to get their kids through college and sweating bullets. Think if they'd put some of that expendable income into education funds, they wouldn't be so stressed now!

05/28/12 10:18 am

We save until we can buy a car/truck outright. Interest is a waste of money. We prefer to live under, not at or above, our means.

blutuesday California
05/28/12 10:13 am

So many people buy one new car after the other, not driving a car that's paid off even though it's in great shape with the potential of going tens of thousands more miles. Why waste $$? A friend's son bought a new car 5 mos. before paying off his current car "because it was a great deal!" Hunh?!?!

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
05/28/12 9:51 am

7 payments left and this baby is ALL MINE!!!

05/28/12 9:23 am

Don't have a car yet ): I desperately want one for my 17th birthday!

BLESSED19 North Carolina
05/28/12 9:16 am

Nope. Buy all my cars cash and up front. Write the check and drive away. Don't have a car payment don't need it don't plan on having one.

05/28/12 9:15 am

$300 for a Lincoln MKZ for my wife and daughter. easiest car payment I've ever had and almost done with it.

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
05/28/12 9:06 am

@Obie: I don't think these results are indicative of typical America.

05/28/12 9:01 am

I'd rather buy a used car that I have the cash for then give money to the banks that treat people like they are nothing

05/28/12 8:51 am

I find these results interesting isn't anybody buying new cars? Not me any how

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
05/28/12 6:43 am

Yes and my silver Honda Civic Si with six on the floor is worth every penny!

05/28/12 6:28 am

Payed off the truck 10 years ago. Why buy a new one when I know how to fix anything on this one. Only cost is for the parts to fix it. No labor cost when you can fix it yourself.

05/28/12 6:13 am

No because I cannot drive....yet

shannynh Arizona via SF Bay Area
05/28/12 3:10 am

Yes, an I've vowed to never finance a vehicle ever again. Paying the interest is the biggest waste of money.

05/27/12 9:40 pm

finished 2nd car back in December. Feels great

05/27/12 8:09 pm

Bank interest on savings is much better then interest on loans. You end up paying less for everything when you save.

lmurder MDK
05/27/12 8:03 pm

Always pay for everything in cash. Then you have no payments or debt.
That's how it all begins. Start with car payments and fall down in the hole of debt.
Don't go to school if you don't have the cash. Save. Don't buy a car unless you have the cash. Save. Save. And save.

2katz I live in Nebraska
05/27/12 7:38 pm

No. And never will again. If I had to, I'm willing to drive an old beater that I could afford.

05/27/12 7:01 pm

nope, bought my car using the one payment plan

gearheadgirl California
05/27/12 6:55 pm

Yep. One is $699.98/mo and one is $705.00/mo.

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
05/27/12 4:38 pm

For the first time, I can honestly say no! I finally paid my car off!

05/27/12 4:16 pm

Get your protein! PROTEIN MAN!

valeriejo ramble on
05/27/12 4:01 pm

First time in 4 years I can say NOOO :)

05/27/12 3:53 pm

I paid cash for my house though

05/27/12 3:52 pm

I HATE the fact that i have a car payment. I LOVED my old van but the rods started knocking and i had to get another vehicle in a hurry. I HATE this van and i cried when my husband brought it home

JDoe Its a gift
05/27/12 3:50 pm

Happy2 - Then I'm one of the stupid ones. Not worth digging yourself into deep debt troubles even if you get a great deal on the shovel.

05/27/12 3:20 pm

don't believe in going into debt for a vehicle- or really anything. I have a nice truck and will probably trade it in the next two years, paying cash for the difference

onendone On a Beach
05/27/12 3:09 pm

tricky to answer. my primary car's paid for as is my daughter's but still owe on my secondary which is my wife's.

jimmyjelly BFE, PA
05/27/12 2:28 pm

It's tha poo!!! I had an 86 CUCV. I loved it. It rusted away to heaven though.

Happy2 California
05/27/12 2:01 pm

When someone will lend you money for 5 years @ 0.9% it would be stupid to pay all cash.

05/27/12 1:53 pm

I had to say yes, but I only have ONE payment left :-)