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Show Of Hands July 26th, 2012 12:00am

Would you sell your vote for $1,000, if there was no possibility of being caught?

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jk473 Connecticut
07/31/12 9:37 am

Yes, because the popular vote does not matter.

versteckt Florida
07/29/12 1:09 am

As if our votes aren't already sold...... It's just that we aren't the ones getting the money.

07/28/12 8:28 am

Those willing to sell there vote should move to North Korea.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
07/27/12 6:33 pm

anarchy- all I can say is AMEN!!!! Neither party is getting us out of debt, helping people get back to work and off welfare, or even listening to "we the people" anymore.

TiltonAllStarz Outside Ur Comfort Zone
07/27/12 2:29 pm

For those that voted yes, get the hell out of our country!

JackJewsburyFTW Oregon
07/27/12 2:07 pm

If so then Trump would be president 20 years in a row

Aliggan China and Florida
07/27/12 11:36 am

If companies were to buy around 10,000,000 votes, the cost is only 10 billion dollars, not including the logistics required to do so. According to a wiki article on the subject, there are 185 separate companies with revenues over 50 billion dollars annually. You're bowing to fascism, friends.

07/27/12 7:29 am

Anarchy,i didnt say anything about it being "criminal" (maybe a slip on your part) but it makes it just that more unethical. Views, policy, and facts aren't winning elections these days, money is. Enjoy your new capitalist utopia

sohuser California
07/27/12 7:12 am

27% of people don't deserve a vote at all if they are willing to sell it.

07/27/12 7:02 am

The bottom line is, a lot of people can't really say their vote matters anymore.

07/27/12 7:01 am

Circa: uhhhhhh...might wanna check your Wisconsin spending "facts"...the only thing criminal in Wisconsin was the union activity. Although, it cracks me up they spent millions of $$$, recalled elections, and still got their naughty bits raped..,hahahaha. Libs.

07/27/12 6:51 am

since I can't in good conscious vote for any of the candidates, sure. I could use a thousand bucks.

07/27/12 6:21 am

...things will work from now on

07/27/12 6:20 am

We saw it in Wisconsin and I'm scared we'll see it in the national election: Republicans outspending dems outrageously and, low and behold, they came out on top. Romney has hundreds of millions over Obama and that may be his only ticket to the presidency. I fear for our republic if this is how thing

EarlyBird Portland
07/27/12 5:49 am

I voted for MrO. Although he didn't have experience, I was willing to overlook it in hopes he would pull our country together. Now, I'm ashamed I voted for him. To make matters worse, we don't have a strong candidate running against him. MrO makes his own rules as we go along. My vote doesn't matter

hazhap1 Las Vegas
07/27/12 5:44 am

The saddest part is that it will be fair game after the RNC put out flyers in the more "honky" regions saying that John Kerry was going to ban the bible, and close all the churches. People are stupid, and lying to them works. God bless America!

07/27/12 5:41 am

Well I live in a blue state so the electorate represents me fine. Also that amount of money goes a long way for me. Yeah I guess my integrity is diminishing

hazhap1 Las Vegas
07/27/12 5:39 am

The Republicans are going to have to pay people to vote for Romney after he officially gets the nomination. There will be Super-PACs totally devoted to explaining the "kookie" parts of the Mormon religion 24/7 for months until all the honky, white trash, born againers declare him the anti-christ.

mwaters379 Connecticut
07/27/12 5:39 am

Yes I would., after the 2000 election the whole process is rigged and bought.. How could I turn down a grand when I'm struggling to just have ends meet! The electoral process needs to be overhauled and changed to prevent corp money and lobbyists buying our reps, when what we need matters most!

onlinespec Dallas, TX
07/27/12 5:33 am

For a lot of people voting for a democrat means $1000 or more in additional welfare/social services

07/27/12 3:37 am

...give me?" nobody is concerned about what's best for the country, if they were, the abuse and waste in the system wouldn't be tolerated. The truth is the opposite! Here we are 16 TRILLION dollars in debt, and people are STILL voting in big spending republicans and democrats. The US is CRAZY!

07/27/12 3:35 am

I know that's what you're saying! My point is, our system ALREADY pays off voters! I'm not railing against you, I'm railing against a corrupt two-party system that pretty much puts 99% of voter's votes up for sale. You've got a massive segment of the population slobberingly asking "what you gonna...

07/27/12 1:32 am

Presidential? Yup. Doesn't count for anything anyway. I probably wouldn't with my local government, or anything else. But my
Presidential vote isn't worth the electricity used to submit it, and I'd rather give it to my dog than waste my own time with it. I'd take a grand in a heartbeat.

Quinnipiac Here
07/26/12 9:58 pm

From an economist's standpoint, my vote has a slightly negative value. It costs me time & risk of accident to cast it, and is absolutely meaningless (see Bush v. Gore, one vote will never decide a natn'l election). So $1000 is worth far, far more to me than my vote. I'd sell in a heartbeat!

Fact FL
07/26/12 8:58 pm

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07/26/12 8:57 pm

I would definitely sell my vote, in my state my vote doesn't ultimately matter, guys look up the electoral college seriously. We are supposed to be informed "voters"

jms in the middle of Nowhere
07/26/12 8:18 pm

anarchy- I don't understand what you're saying. I'm against selling a vote because it puts bad people in office. Was I not clear??

07/26/12 8:12 pm

...Disabled). it's a bunch of crap! The dems have created a permanent underclass of citizens that will NEVER get ahead while sucking on the federal teat. How do they keep those votes? Keep them on the government dole and add to their numbers. There's a reason Obama is the "food stamp" president!

07/26/12 8:09 pm

Jms: what are you talking about!?!?!? For the last 100 years that has been the freakin platform of the democrat party!!!! Vote for me! You're a "victim" (of the system, or corporations or some other nonsense) and I'll give you free crap! Food stamps, housing, disability (even though you aren't...

jms in the middle of Nowhere
07/26/12 7:59 pm still matters!!!! Besides, would you really want the cheating &@#*% that would pay you money to vote?? If a candidate is willing to pay off voters, they're probably REALLY bad news for everyone!!!

jms in the middle of Nowhere
07/26/12 7:59 pm

All of you saying yes--- really?? $1000 isn't going to dig you out of whatever hole you're in. I've been there. And then you've sold yourself out.
Voting is a privilege. Be proud that you live in a country where you get to vote and it means something. Even if you only vote for the local contests...

madeit Houston Area
07/26/12 7:51 pm

Let's be clear: EVERYBODY'S VOTE MATTERS! It doesn't matter where you live, I CARE DEEPLY that you bother to vote. Thank you!

madeit Houston Area
07/26/12 7:48 pm

Thank God most of us have retained at least this much morality!

Zod Above Pugetropolis
07/26/12 7:21 pm

No, that's just stupid. I wouldn't sell it at any price, not because I think my one vote is worth millions and millions, but to make sure the kind of skeevey guy that would pay money for a vote doesn't get at least this one.

07/26/12 7:15 pm

In Utah, Republicans win. Always. If I sold my vote, it would no way impact the electoral college. That doesn't mean it's ethical, though, so I wouldn't. But still...

07/26/12 7:14 pm

Ummm yes... Morally I'd feel wrong... But at the end of the day whoever "they" want to win will so I might as well get something out of it!

cruckel Shadow Moses Island
07/26/12 7:12 pm

With thing the way they are, I could use $1k, normally I'd say no.

07/26/12 6:29 pm

No... Principally wrong. And just supposing I did do it... My price would be higher.

because South Dakota
07/26/12 6:27 pm

sure. S Dakota will go 60% republican anyway, so I'll take a grand to vote for that community organizer guy

EarlyBird Portland
07/26/12 6:24 pm

Anyone want to buy my Oregon vote?!

Didn't think so!

07/26/12 5:34 pm

Why? NY and Uncle Sam would take it right back so why bother?

07/26/12 5:17 pm

Only for the president. Obama or Romney. Same policies. Same owners. Obama is a much better liar though.

pretorian Florida
07/26/12 5:04 pm

Name a far higher price, enough to make more than good by sponsoring the campaign - that's practical thinking.

07/26/12 5:03 pm

@nightcrow exactly, though I plan on voting for Obama for free. I don't think it would have any effect, but I wouldn't do it on principal.

nightcrow Washington
07/26/12 3:43 pm

Me vote for Obama for $1000 .... Hmmm ... Hellz no I know mine or any bodies votes don't count but it's the principal of it and I couldn't morally vote for a candidate who I don't believe in