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Better super-hero franchise: Superman or Spiderman? (UserQ)

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LicensedNe North Carolina
08/13/11 10:48 pm

Spiderman climbs up walls? Superman flys up them in a heartbeat.

Girorogod California
08/09/11 2:05 pm

Sadly, Batman does not count as a superhero. he's a hero, but no SUPER powers.

08/03/11 7:39 pm

Franchise.... Counting product revenue?

08/03/11 5:40 am

interesting that the question asks which FRANCHISE is better and everyone votes for the super-hero they perfer.

Eric Wisconsin
08/02/11 1:04 pm

I don't like Superman because it's stupid. Where's all this Kryptonite coming from? One weakness? It's stupid. There's no way to relate to a superhuman being.

08/02/11 10:37 am

Where's the Batman button!!!!!

08/02/11 9:41 am

Where's the Harry Potter button? ;).

08/02/11 9:28 am

Superman is pathetic. He never gets hurt! What's the fun in that?!

08/02/11 1:14 am

Super all the way. No one likes spiders ;)

08/01/11 10:19 pm

obviously superman! he wears a cape!

08/01/11 9:30 pm

who cares about either...BUT b/c superman is hotter, I choose him :-)

dlyliny1 New York
08/01/11 7:59 pm

Um, HELLLOOO??? He's "SUPERman"! Not "OK-man" or "Pretty-Good-man"! The answer is right in his name (lol)!

08/01/11 5:33 pm

SPIDEY ALL THE WAY!!!! I can't wait til the new one comes out, it's gonna be boss

08/01/11 5:28 pm

I would've thought NY would vote spidey!

dotnetdev Georgia
08/01/11 5:15 pm

superman, rally?!? how r those last few movies working for u?

IBnj2sc South Carolina
08/01/11 3:49 pm

Spidey! Superman turned his back on America or this wouldve been a tougher vote. Spiderman is also wayyyyy funnier than Supercommy....

08/01/11 3:43 pm

R u guys serious?? Who cares about superman? Spiderman is a million times cooler..I bet a bunch of old people voted for superman :P

08/01/11 1:42 pm

How about neither ... and go get a girlfriend and get laid!

08/01/11 12:55 pm

Spiderman, spiderman, does whatever a spider can! :)

latebird SOH Bunker
08/01/11 11:01 am

It's hard to say because super man was popular so long ago and the spiderman movies are much more recent

amy Louisiana
08/01/11 10:37 am

I love Superman! Both good stories, but Superman wins in my opinion.

Dare567 New Jersey
08/01/11 10:32 am

At the end of Kill Bill Vol. 2, Bill mentions that Superman needs to put on a suit to be NORMAL; he was born super. Spiderman needs to put on a suit to be SUPER. Just thought that was worth mentioning :3

08/01/11 10:15 am

You guys railing on Supes for having too many powers need to realize he's missing the most important power; intellect.

08/01/11 10:13 am

The Spiderman movies are better, but in general, the villains and rest of the "universe" is better in DC comics.

xZESTYx Illinois
08/01/11 10:05 am

Superman is like some perfect being (except that he wears his underwear on the wrong side of his pants). Spiderman has his flaws, but he's still the best.

Overmind Texas
08/01/11 9:06 am

Superman is over-powered in my opinion

herobrine Texas
08/01/11 8:35 am

I'm thinking of there over all movie cartoon comics everything and if I had to guess it would be spidey but if it were dc and marvel dc would win

strangelov Connecticut
08/01/11 8:24 am

I think the rule is that superman has every super power the writers of the comic need him to have.

08/01/11 8:11 am

well, for a better franchise I would say spiderman because the got more kids involved with the movies thus making more money. also don't you think it's weird when you see like 4 year old wearing spiderman costumes even though they shouldn't even be watching those movies like that

kkkkkkkkkk Mississippi
08/01/11 7:27 am

I like batman the best but spiderman is great too

AdamT Boston, MA
08/01/11 7:24 am

I love everything Spiderman. He's a relatable hero, because he's fallible. He's vulnerable. Superman is unstoppable, unless you find a piece of Kryptonite. Personally, I'll go with Spiderman, hands down.

katniss Dallas, TX
08/01/11 7:12 am

Spiderman always seemed kinda creepy to me (but that's just me) but superman is awesome :)

GoFlo Peace Through Strength
08/01/11 6:16 am

Smallville pushed my vote toward Superman. Although, this was an extremely difficult choice because both franchises are represented well.

superbill Georgia
08/01/11 5:29 am

As a last thought, smallville is a good show. But, Batman is my hero!:D

superbill Georgia
08/01/11 5:28 am

People who call things/people gay need a better vocabulary.. Also, Batman, superman, and spiderman all have fairly attractive hetero stuff going for them. I would've like spiderman more if Donald G got the role!!