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wolf124 August 19th, 2015 1:46pm

TODAY IN HISTORY: Aug. 19, 1993 - Mattel & Fisher Price to companies merged. When you where younger, which toys from which company did you play with the most?

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anonymousmn Minnesota
08/19/15 2:37 pm

Little people town and farm! I loved the noise from the fire station and when you opened the barn door it mooed.

susanr Colorado
08/19/15 1:15 pm

I remember almost none that I'd identify for either company from my own childhood. Both companies were around, but I don't think either one was very prevalent in the toy industry until the mid 60s. Looking at the products of each, the only one I

susanr Colorado
08/19/15 1:19 pm

really remember from my own childhood is the View-Master by Fisher Price, but I think even that was not owned by the company until later.

susanr Colorado
08/19/15 5:47 pm

I loved mine. But what I loved even more was the simpler (single picture only, not a reel of them) but more elegant stereoscope that my grandparents had. It had drawings rather than photographs.