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Has the "War on Drugs" been mostly successful? (UserQ)

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along Maryland
08/15/12 10:06 am

I think it would be cheaper to educate people about drugs and let them make their own choices, than to try and stop drugs coming in/out of the country and keeping people in jail for it

DanMaclean Michigan
08/12/12 12:06 pm

I didn't knew we were involved in a "war on drugs." Call me crazy but doesn't it make sense to end the first 2 before getting involved in a third? Just legalize drugs and tax the living hell out of them.

sliston89 Ohio
08/11/12 5:48 pm

The war on drugs was an indirect affront to the Mexican culture coming to America in the 1900's.. It's been the most economically wasteful 'war' since the prohibition, and that was a joke in itself.. The so called 'never do wrong' policemen were the most prevalent bootleggers around at the time

jstan New Jersey
08/11/12 4:22 pm

You could compare the United States to a mentally retarded child when it comes to the international war on drugs. The definition of insanity is repeating an action over and over again expecting a different result; the definition of retardation is a country that can't even grasp that concept.

08/11/12 3:16 pm

Legalize marijuana, and forget about it!

08/11/12 7:06 am

Yes. If you don't believe me then you didn't grow up in NYC in the 1980s when crack was king.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
08/11/12 5:20 am

Until that is addressed the 'War on Drugs' will never be anything more than a tremendous waste of time, money and lives.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
08/11/12 5:20 am

Drugs are more widely available than ever before, usage and prices are up, and cops and border agents are still getting gunned down. I would say that it's been an abject failure. The problem is not drugs. The problem is the persons misusing them...->

08/11/12 3:00 am

It makes me laugh that liberals fall for MrO's lie that we'd have fallen off the economic cliff if he hadn't come to the rescue, but the attempt to declare the War on Drugs a failure. Self-serving hypocrites!

MelBelle New York
08/10/12 8:50 pm

I don't support drug use, but legalizing marijuana would cut down on petty drug charges and direct the police force to more important crimes, like drug trafficking of dangerous illegal drugs. It's not smart to smoke pot for health reasons, but it's not addictive or destructive like, say, meth.

08/10/12 6:08 am

The war on drugs has been, a bit of a joke, but there still has been a lot of success alongside keeping the demand expansive and hard to get. Legalize pot, since it's a natural plant, and focus on the synthetic, hardcore, dangerous drugs. Since its physically impossible to OD on pot. Look it up.

HarmieV Connecticut
08/10/12 5:51 am

The war on drugs is a wasteful joke.

08/09/12 11:19 pm

And yet people still vote republican

Alienmoose1 New York
08/09/12 9:43 pm

Wow, 93% of Americans don't agree on ANYTHING. Time to end the war on drugs.

Apex swimming in the sky
08/09/12 9:21 pm

Well its been succesful to those who mass scale it. Theres a reason weed is illegal and free and pain killers are 80+ ... pharmacuticals sell ice to the eskimos and dirt to the arabsBOSS!!!

mmjman Emerald Valley
08/09/12 8:23 pm

Do plus legalizing marijuana and particularly industrial hemp (which isn't really a drug even this it's been lumped in with marijuana) will create hundreds of thousands of jobs across the country, ranging from low pay seasonal jobs to six and seven figure lab and management jobs.

mmjman Emerald Valley
08/09/12 8:21 pm

Peace I think it is a fallacy that so
Many would lose there jobs, there are plenty of things the cops can be doing. There are thousands of serious unsolved crimes where I live. I know when I use to live in SoCal it came out that the LAPD had over 3000 untested rape kits. There's plenty for them to

peacenskis Alaska
08/09/12 8:19 pm

are not going to get jobs growing on weed farms and tending to poppy fields. Anybody know a good book or article on this subject. I've wondered the effects of this for a long time and have listened to both sides of the argument.

peacenskis Alaska
08/09/12 8:17 pm

No. Absolutely not. Maybe someone could help me make up my mind though. So, if drugs are legal then the economy wins through the benefits of taxation, right? Or, does everybody lose their jobs because there is no longer a war to fight? It wouldn't balance out because those fighting the "war"

08/09/12 8:05 pm

The DEA is in charge not the FDA

mmjman Emerald Valley
08/09/12 7:06 pm

Love drugs, especially the people who claim the illegal ones are so bad

mmjman Emerald Valley
08/09/12 7:05 pm

We will never live In a drug free world lol. That's so absurdly unrealistic it makes me chuckle. Especially
Considering drugs like alcohol are widley accepted. I mean even in china where they kill illicit drug users you can buy not jus alcohol but opiate based pills over the counter. People

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
08/09/12 6:37 pm

Not at all, but I hope the war lasts for as long as until drugs are gone.

quint13 Texas
08/09/12 6:21 pm

Such a waste of much needed money...

canesfan Miami, FL
08/09/12 5:58 pm

just leglize marijuanna damn it.

mmjman Emerald Valley
08/09/12 5:47 pm

Fun fact: the US legally buys about 60 million dollars worth of raw opium from turkey every year As It is used in the production of medical morphine and codeine.

zebbiezoo true blue
08/09/12 5:45 pm

lots of funding lost to public programs when we "win" the war on drugs.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
08/09/12 4:34 pm

Is the CIA still selling drugs to fund covert operations? I have heard this from many sources including insiders.

08/09/12 4:27 pm

Don't get too excited folks. If the question were asking if a specific drug should be decriminalized, I'm sure we'd see more disagreement. Thus, the war continues...

08/09/12 4:07 pm

Finally! Something we can (most) all agree on!

arborfamilia on top of the hill
08/09/12 3:07 pm

Wow. If we all agree on this, why isn't THIS issue the topic of national conversation, instead of abortion? Easy fix, right?

EarlyBird Portland
08/09/12 3:03 pm

Whomever submitted this question, wtg!

munkey? SilentMunkey
08/09/12 2:45 pm

It has not been successful in any way. End the 'war' on drugs. The sooner the better.

08/09/12 2:21 pm

We prohibit illicit use of narcotics in the US but our military protects the opium fields of Afghanistan. The war on drugs is an absolute abomination.

08/09/12 1:36 pm

Successful for money hungry politicians.