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brianator2 August 18th, 2015 7:30pm

Do you expect to see anyone tied to the Hillary Clinton email scandal pardoned before Obama leaves office?

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htcbump Florida
08/18/15 9:53 pm

You cannot pardon if they have not been convicted. That will take some big chuck of time after any indictments.

htcbump Florida
08/18/15 9:59 pm

Pardon of Nixon was not a pardon really but a direction to his DoJ to do nothing. They were the only authority that could act. Subsequent admins could actually prosecute Nixon.

htcbump Florida
08/19/15 9:52 pm

The reason this pardon was unique and precedent setting is there were no indictments much less convictions on Nixon. Ford paid the price with one term. The legal people at the time criticized for this reason.

08/19/15 10:19 pm

That's true that it was unique, but so is the current email scandal. So not to be distracted, the President can pardon people of wrongdoing even if there's no conviction. The question is whether you expect to see any pardons related to the email.

mikeey1962 on SOH where else
08/18/15 12:35 pm

I don't expect to see anyone charged, so no pardon necessary...

08/18/15 12:59 pm

There doesn't have to be a charge for there to be a pardon. Case in point: Richard Nixon had not been charged criminally would pardoned by President Ford.

08/18/15 1:00 pm

Typo: President Nixon had not been criminally charged when pardoned by President Ford. Criminal charges were expected, but had not actually been filed at the time of the pardon.