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Show Of Hands October 6th, 2011 12:00am

When you drive past someone getting a traffic ticket, do you usually think "bummer!" or "they probably deserve it"?

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10/18/11 2:17 pm

Had a guy almost run me off the road because he tried to merge too late. He sped up to beat me and then I saw him slam on his brakes and turn into a neighborhood where a bike cop had his lights on. The cop did a u turn and pulled him over lol

10/16/11 8:38 pm

cops r Dix ... bummer

Dyl Virginia
10/16/11 4:25 pm

@wafflenoob that's because the mexicans can't read the road signs.

dopey Florida
10/16/11 1:18 pm

I'm thinking I'm glad it isn't me

10/13/11 9:22 pm

Every time i see someone pulled over, its a mexican. Maybe cuz the police is rascist? Nah, theres just too many mexicans in texas

Sporter80 Oklahoma
10/13/11 8:46 pm

I probably think, "they deserve it," but Lord knows if I got one, it'd be totally immoral of the police officer. ;)

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/13/11 2:37 pm

Or a drunk driver or very tired. Just very dangerous. One of my husbands students was killed taking a corner too fast not too long before.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
10/12/11 4:24 am

Ahh… So he was a public menace. That would explain for using 911. Don't expect to see anyone like that here, but thank you!


10/11/11 10:40 pm

i dont think "bummer" or "they probably deserved it" honestly i just laugh.

Peaceful Minnesota
10/11/11 10:18 pm

Haha getting pulled over for going under the speed limit you probably deserved it you're nothing but a bully

davylj Florida
10/11/11 8:12 am

What a bs job. It's more fun than fishing! Hide over in the woods and see if you can catch one. It's no wonder cops can only be friends with other cops. They can sit around and exaggerate their ticketing stories.

10/10/11 8:19 pm

Justice most people speed and break the law but cops are to lazy to give them a ticket :(

Flooded Virginia
10/09/11 1:02 am

where I live, cops pull you over for doing 26 in a 25 zone, but could not care less if you run a stop sign. ice nearly been in so many accidents at the intersection near my house because so many people decide the stop signs don't apply to them

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/08/11 11:08 pm

I called 911 they put me through to the Staters. I stayed on till the driver took a Salem exit. They then notified Salem police. This person was allover the road nearly sideswiped another car. They wanted this person. We had just lost I think it was 5 young people in just over two weeks.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
10/07/11 4:47 pm

@TopsQueen How do you do that? If it works here and it's not just calling 911 then I'd like to participate sometimes…


bornofashes Chicago, IL
10/07/11 9:00 am

I usually just think "I'm glad he already got someone so he doesn't pull ME over."

10/07/11 2:09 am

I'm from California, and not one of the fabulous spots you see on tv. I realize cops are needed, but they do abuse their power, and it sucks to see. Even if it's a legitimate speeding ticket, who can afford it? Bummer? Drunk driving; most likely deserved it

Jzz California
10/07/11 1:48 am

leftofcenter. really? speeding fines based on income. that is pure silliness.

10/06/11 11:09 pm

I don't think about them or even care. I'm only bummed out if the rubber neckers driving by hold up traffic. Unlike Democrats and Republicans, I mind my own business and don't care about other people's actions unless it directly effects me. Nice to be a true Libertarian. 

Nerdz Texas
10/06/11 11:02 pm

not everyone they stop are doing something wrong. they stopped my family because they were suspicious of us

10/06/11 11:00 pm

I am biased; my brother is a CHP officer.

davylj Florida
10/06/11 10:50 pm

I think.... Get a real job cops

dylansl Texas
10/06/11 10:44 pm

They are there for a reason. If the government gets a little money for our safety it's worth it.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/06/11 9:09 pm

I've reported dangerous drivers to the State police via my iPhone. Noted the exits as we went by. Gave plate # and make of car the person was an accident in the making. Husband was driving our car.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/06/11 9:05 pm

Florence Oregon = speed trap it's on the 101

10/06/11 8:50 pm

I live in Northern Virginia. If you actually got pulled over, you deserve your ticket! We see speed limits as suggestions, not law. You have to be really doing something to actually get pulled over.

pietsch Another Adoring Fan
10/06/11 7:28 pm

I like it when they give tickets to 18-wheelers because they are a menace where we live. They will run you off the road. But I feel sorry for the dude just driving home from work and trying to get his day finished.

Iamme Arkansas
10/06/11 7:23 pm

I'm just happy the cop is busy and can't get me as I speed pass!

homeagain NWA
10/06/11 5:10 pm

Cs you took the words right off my fingers

Zack100 Tatooine
10/06/11 4:59 pm

Happened just a few minutes!! And they pulled into the turn lane on the left aide of the street!! They obviously should not be driving!

10/06/11 4:49 pm

Can it not be a bummer even if they deserved it?

10/06/11 3:28 pm

Pretty much all of the idiots that get pulled over here were asking for it.

godcyanide Probably gone for good
10/06/11 2:57 pm

To all the "OMG GOP r heartless!" posts... It's a minor difference, people! Jeez! There are 1000+ other polls on here where that is obvious. This is not the poll you're looking for... ;)

spoiler Michigan
10/06/11 2:55 pm

A lot of teachers pet justice lamos out there

godcyanide Probably gone for good
10/06/11 2:55 pm

I'm a stealth speeder. When it's safe to do so, I hover 5-10mph over the limit (in NYC, a brutal 45-50!). I wait for someone to speed past me at 70+; 30sec later, I add 5-10 to my speed for a few miles. I also know my roads well enough to know all the traps. If I get pinched, I don't fight.

10/06/11 2:43 pm

And btw men and republicans have the same percentage rite now (57%) sed bummer. But do u say "Men r @holes!"? No, u go for the group u want to attack

10/06/11 2:40 pm

@dms47 and cup0pizza. Just because republicans don't feel sorry for people Violating the law doesnt mean thr @holes. Ur an @hole for saying tht just because it's a different way of thinking then u.

10/06/11 2:36 pm

Bummer. Unless they cut me off or were speeding or something and then I think they deserve it for being an idiot. Haha 

10/06/11 1:50 pm

when im driving to school, everymorning at an exit there is always people cutting in at the last second, alot of times from the far lane and there is a wreck there almost everyday. one of the times i had my little nephew in the car and some dick came over, pushing me to the shoulder

10/06/11 1:46 pm

@jjc it seems like the cops r never there when u wan them to be

kristea Denton, TX
10/06/11 1:46 pm

I sometimes wish I were a cop. I'd be giving out tickets right & left. There is no excuse the way a lot of people drive these days. Seriously, how hard is it to follow the rules? If you have a speeding problem, leave earlier, stop risking lives. There is no "safe" way to speed.

10/06/11 1:18 pm

I just think "glad it's not me".
I do speed, but I do it "safely" so no swerving, passing, cutting, following too close, etc.
Makes me laugh that people who drive slow think they're safer and better drivers. People! You can cause an accident if others are swerving to pass your slow ass.

10/06/11 1:16 pm

Someday I want to see one of those crazy stupid drivers that cut me off, etc get pulled over.

10/06/11 12:57 pm

more like whew, glad he's occupied so he couldn't get me!

10/06/11 12:49 pm

I'm curious as to where the "anti-illegals" faction falls in this scenario. Do they shout "justice", seeing the law breakers pulled over?