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PearlyGate Texas
09/30/11 7:55 am

in Rick Perry?! I am in 11th grade, and I have read countless articles on Perry, and if any of you knew half the story, I'm sure you'd be screaming' for Obama.

PearlyGate Texas
09/30/11 7:54 am

Okay, how has Obama screwed this country? Are you idiots. Rick Perry has RUINED Texas, and Obama tried to pass the dream act. I dare you yo find a president with no flaws. Rick Perry is nearly a Tea Partier, and he's trying to get people into religion. How can you even comprehend the level of idiot

09/29/11 10:14 am

Not keen on Perry, but in a better of two evils, I'd pick him. Ron Paul 2012!!!

09/27/11 10:58 pm

think I'm going to the dark side next election and voting R

09/26/11 6:44 pm

Oboma has screwed this country up anuf screw him!!!!!!!!!!¡¡!!!¡¡§@€

blutuesday California
09/23/11 7:35 pm

It would be interesting to see this poll again in a month or two...

09/23/11 8:18 am

If I were forced to make this choice, I would choose Obama as Rick Perry may be the biggest empty shell I have ever seen. It won't be Obama vs Perry. Hillary will be the Dem nominee one way or another. ObamaCare served his purpose for the progressive power grabbers.

polarized Tennessee
09/22/11 7:25 pm

do people have any clue what Rick perry actually stands for...I'd be embarrassed to call myself a supporter. not a big obama fan either, but lesser of the two evils please.

09/22/11 8:36 am

Hey malern. If I am a conservative and I see you are, why were you insulting me?

09/21/11 6:59 am

Barock Barock till you drop - Def Lepperd

I wanna Barock!! - Twisted Sister

Barock me, Barock me, oo oo ooooh - Great White

I wanna Barock N' Roll all nite - Kiss

Dewayne "Barock" Johnson

09/20/11 9:51 pm

I like jhej99's idea. Every day they could do a coin toss and see who gets to call the shots.

joey513 California
09/20/11 2:57 pm

Even if he doesn't have the popular vote, he wins electorally for sure.

joey513 California
09/20/11 2:56 pm

If this was the election, obama won.

09/20/11 10:43 am

@veritas - Bush isn't running for president.

09/20/11 8:18 am

veritas; The CBO shows that Obama has spent 3.7 trillion since taking office. We can wrangle the numbers any way you want but this is what the CBO says.

09/20/11 4:11 am

Veritas: Bush was spending trillions to rid the world of bloodthirsty Muslims. Obama wants to spend trillions to buy union/labor votes with his new jobs bill.

gaz New York
09/19/11 8:31 pm

a rock or Barack.......the rock wins!

veritas… Texas
09/19/11 7:31 pm

@rosebud No I was comparing ALL of Bush's new spending to ALL of Obama's. Bush spent >$5 Trillion. Obama has spent $1.44 Trillion. Jopat wanted to try to justify Bush's spending. I was just comparing apple to apple Bush vs Obama.

09/19/11 7:10 pm

jgreene a Republican? Yeah, and I'm Colonel Sanders.

09/19/11 5:13 pm

@readysir I second the dumb@ss comment but disagree that he is funny.

09/19/11 4:58 pm

Are you kidding me??

09/19/11 4:27 pm

Lol felix your comments are funny, cause your a dumbass lol..

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
09/19/11 1:08 pm

I'm a conservative and Rick Perry is an idiot and an ass hole. You don't threaten a septuagenarian. No matter what. And science; let the scientists talk science while you feed your chickens.

09/19/11 12:36 pm


I'm out sir. Time to go bed. Worked last night. Caffeine is wearing off!

09/19/11 12:32 pm

I'm still laughing...

09/19/11 12:31 pm

Actually, Limbaugh coined the term. Sorry dudeage.


09/19/11 12:31 pm

I'll try one just sounds strange is all.

09/19/11 12:30 pm

Open face pastrami!! In my face!! Love it!! Better than banging seven gram rocks.

09/19/11 12:30 pm

I've never heard of that procedure....too funny.

09/19/11 12:29 pm

that's hilarious! you haven't changed a bit...

09/19/11 12:28 pm

Chaz Bono of Dancing With The Stars fame?

The same Chaz who underwent an addadicktome procedure?

09/19/11 12:27 pm

good, leave and don't come back.....izzat funny to you?

09/19/11 12:26 pm

it's not so much bigotry as contempt for holier-than-thou folks who think that their religion should associated with MY government .

09/19/11 12:25 pm

And Felix, that is why I'm leaving now. Good riddance. And I realize that you are gonna post some comment that you think is funny after I leave so good luck with that.(:

09/19/11 12:24 pm

I don't care what you prefer Chaz.

09/19/11 12:24 pm

Ohhhhhhh bigotry abounds in your unfathomably hateful mind

09/19/11 12:24 pm

and you're right....I have near zero respect for religion.

09/19/11 12:22 pm

Hey Felix, your mouth used to be closed. I liked it better that way

09/19/11 12:22 pm

Anyway keep talking about pizza. It's not like this is a political question that you should politely debate on or anything.......see ya

09/19/11 12:21 pm

is that Chaz Bono?........hey Chaz, your mom used to be hott.

09/19/11 12:21 pm

the Italians own the patent on pizza.

09/19/11 12:20 pm

that's not a pizza dude...that's an open face pastrami sandwich.

09/19/11 12:20 pm

@ malden. Wow you are just hilarious.

09/19/11 12:19 pm

@ felixdacat. Did I call you that? Respect is something you lack. Stop spreading your bigoted thoughts.

09/19/11 12:17 pm

Your love affair with Jesus concerns me not at all....get a room.