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rons August 17th, 2015 2:36pm

Whichever way Cali can rip off the state so goes the nation.

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bethanyq Ess Eff
08/17/15 8:57 am

Huh? What are you even talking about? How does CA rip itself off?

leilu SoCal
08/17/15 9:17 am

How about the bullet train?!!!

leilu SoCal
08/17/15 11:50 am

We're getting ripped off by spending more on the project than agreed upon by voters. We voted to spend $33 billion when the actual cost is upwards around $68 billion.

bethanyq Ess Eff
08/17/15 1:10 pm

How does that equate to getting "ripped off"? Ripping off means selling someone something that isn't as valuable as the seller claims, or that doesn't work the way the seller claims. Going over budget is a different kind of problem.

leilu SoCal
08/17/15 2:18 pm

While I totally understand your point and agree with you to some degree, we just have different ideas of what it means to get ripped off.

bethanyq Ess Eff
08/17/15 2:30 pm

Fair enough. And I can understand if someone thinks that the HSR project is a ripoff in the sense that the value of the project is way lower than the cost, and the contractors are making out like bandits. I disagree but can understand - I just don't

bethanyq Ess Eff
08/17/15 2:31 pm

see that as California being the one *doing* the ripping off.

rons screw politicians
08/18/15 5:28 pm

Weren't they running a coil under a road for a driverless car?

rons screw politicians
08/18/15 5:31 pm

Weren't they paying councilmen and mayor $600k a year? They were finally caught.
The taxes are ripped off and end up in politicians pockets. As per the article.

bethanyq Ess Eff
08/18/15 6:29 pm

Who's "they"? City council and mayor are local offices, not state offices. And what coil? Driverless cars don't need a special track...

rons screw politicians
08/18/15 7:00 pm

At one time they wanted or did run an electric coil under a freeway with the expectation of cars following it's path.

rons screw politicians
08/18/15 7:03 pm

Tax payers, wish I knew the city, was broke and these people ripped them off. state is no better.

bethanyq Ess Eff
08/18/15 7:38 pm

Are you perhaps talking about a study undertaken at Stanford - a private university located in California - about the possibility of laying coils in the roadway to charge electronic vehicles while they drive?

And as for the city council scandal,

bethanyq Ess Eff
08/18/15 7:39 pm

you're probably talking about the tiny town of Bell, CA. The scandal was uncovered by LA Times journalists. Which city would you argue is more representative of California: Bell or Los Angeles?

Btw, I was familiar with both issues but was interested

bethanyq Ess Eff
08/18/15 7:40 pm

in whether you were interested enough in what goes on in MY state to do five minutes of googling about it, rather than relying on amorphous anti-California sentiment.

When we stop driving the country's economy, I'll accept complaints.

rons screw politicians
08/18/15 8:00 pm

Not complaining. Just wonder if it's more corrupt the NJ.

bethanyq Ess Eff
08/18/15 8:38 pm

I don't think the state overall is particularly more corrupt than the average state. They're often *ineffectual* in a number of ways, but just because we have a do-nothing Democratic supermajority doesn't equate outright to corruption.

rons screw politicians
08/19/15 3:46 am

Do you think the working citizens of Cali are over taxed?

bethanyq Ess Eff
08/19/15 8:13 am

I think they're charged too much for rent.

jvc1133 61535
08/17/15 8:20 am

I try to ignore California, don't always succeed. 🙈🙉🙊

drself Gated Community
08/17/15 7:48 am

The liberals would love it to be that way. So far, we only get some of the stupidity that comes from CA.