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awkwardism August 16th, 2015 6:17pm

Do you live in a city or county that doesn't sell alcohol outside of a bar or restaurant?

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susanr Colorado
08/16/15 11:20 am

Nope. My town & the surrounding area is known as "The Napa Valley of Beer." There are a lot of craft breweries around here, and the products are not just in restaurants & bars.

awkwardism dissent
08/16/15 1:40 pm

Rub it in my face why don't ya! No that's cool I'm pretty sure this an Arkansas thing.

susanr Colorado
08/17/15 8:58 am

Haha! Sorry about that!

I did live in Evanston, IL when I went to Northwestern University for 2 years in the 1960s. Totally dry town. Imagine a college campus in a dry town, & you can probably figure out what tended to happen.