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Praetorianus August 15th, 2015 7:11pm

Inspired by Rotavele: you are temporary caretaker of a teenage boy, he's 16. He's gained a lot of weight and is now at 300 pounds, being only 5'9" tall. Otherwise, he seems happy. Do you address the weight issue, maybe even try to restrict his diet?

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LadyA Earth Explorer
08/16/15 6:08 pm

Restrict? In the sense that I cook healthy, eliminate junk, and take the teen on walks, yes. Oh, and I'd get them a counselor as well. Anything to help without being a jerk about it.

jmahippo Texas
08/16/15 1:22 pm

To answer your question yes i would. The earlier you jam it in there heads the earlier there going to make the change

smarttexan More Moderate Than U
08/16/15 8:37 am

Yes. He's growing and the weight will cause joint problems in addition to other health and psychological problems.

erg10964 Chicago
08/16/15 6:52 am

I would stop buying unhealthy food so there wouldn't be an option.

SaintAnger sumkindamonster
08/16/15 12:12 am

My mind is telling me yes, but really, I don't care.

coolwearm Colorado
08/15/15 11:21 pm

Sadly this is actually one of my freinds, hell my best freind, he has lots of trouble in life because of it. But being a freind the most I can do is support him when he says he wants to loose weight and talk to him about it.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
08/15/15 2:44 pm

He should survive until 18, after that magic birthday, he'll just tell you that you have no say which is probably true.

FacePalm That Trick Never Works
08/15/15 2:09 pm

I would provide heathy meals in adequate portions.

08/15/15 2:03 pm

Even as a temp caregiver I would first take him to a doc to rule out any medical issues.

KudosToYou California
08/15/15 1:15 pm

He won't be happy later in life.

Liberty 4,032,064
08/15/15 12:31 pm

I wouldn't be much of a caretaker if I didn't.

MachoMatt84 Mountain climbing
08/15/15 12:28 pm

If you care about the kid and they're under your supervision and care then yes, you need to address it.

rons screw politicians
08/15/15 12:27 pm

What a dumb ass question. Are you a doper?

Praetorianus Fair enough.
08/15/15 12:31 pm

Are you a troll? What's wrong with the question? It's basically about whether you need to babysit a 16 y/o or let him decide for himself. I've seen dumber issues but only few comments as out of place as yours.

rons screw politicians
08/15/15 12:37 pm

Trolling is ok for fishing. Sometimes I do but Tony doesn't like it and it's his boat we fish from.

rons screw politicians
08/15/15 12:38 pm

I'll go back and read the question.

rons screw politicians
08/15/15 12:41 pm

Would you go out and buy fattening food for a Three hundred pounder? What! Are you Fucking NUT! Me a troll? You a dope!

Praetorianus Fair enough.
08/15/15 1:18 pm

I don't know what kind of dope you took, but I want none of it. Where does it say I buy fattening food for him? Yes, you are a troll.

rons screw politicians
08/15/15 3:17 pm

Troll this. the fat guy in my house would be eating Greek yogurt and fruit for 3 month. Nothing more nothing less. are you Fat?

Praetorianus Fair enough.
08/15/15 3:28 pm

He might be dead. Some people who are genetically prone to obesity cannot easily get at their body fat reserves. Putting them on an extreme diet can kill them. They die fat.

08/15/15 12:16 pm

Considering it could be a thyroid problem and it could cause other health issues, yes. Preparing better meals is also a beneficial thing if nothing else is physically wrong.

sojourner present
08/15/15 12:14 pm

Yes. It's a health issue that needs to be addressed. How you go about addressing it is the hard part.

Maj Worth Economist
08/15/15 12:13 pm

The first place I go is the doctor.

Maj Worth Economist
08/15/15 12:14 pm

Really, with any child, the first place you should go is the doctor, preferably the sooner the better.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
08/15/15 12:19 pm

Since according to the question you are temporary caretaker, the first place imo would be the parents who know the history. I'd try to talk to them first but wouldn't confront the boy directly, he's probably heard it a gazillion times.

Maj Worth Economist
08/15/15 12:52 pm

Didn't realize talking to the original parents was an option (I was imagining orphans in foster care). If it is (I'm imagining grandma with the grandkids), I wouldn't bother dealing with it at all.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
08/15/15 12:13 pm

No, at that age, my unsolicited advice would probably just be rejected and he'd clam up. He knows the problem already, rubbing it in his face only hurts.