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sailingaround August 15th, 2015 4:52pm

If an alien species were to come to earth, which is more likely: that they have a spirit of exploration and seek knowledge, or that they are in desperate need of resources and/or slave workers.

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Pirate Uses the Tap
08/15/15 11:49 am

They may have already been here...It's possible they needed some of our resources. Gold or water. Being an inferior species like we would be to them is not a good thing. Look how we treat lesser species. They would be no different. We are but ants.

14573 Scary Numbers
08/15/15 9:55 am

I'm fairly confident that I can say that if they were in desperate for resources they would have found other planets that could work. And if they can travel galaxies you can build robots. You don't need slaves.

14573 Scary Numbers
08/15/15 12:25 pm

Well we can't be the closest unless they're coming from Mars and I don't see and multi system scavenger species being terribly successful in space

14573 Scary Numbers
08/15/15 2:56 pm

In terms of raw elements there are plenty of better places. Did you know it rains diamonds on Saturn and Jupiter? Like the environment for Earth is unique. The minerals? Not so much.

STEVE64 Michigan
08/16/15 11:08 am

I mean... Water is pretty rare. And meat. But who knows what aliens want? Lol maybe they're photosynthetic or something