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UniversePlan Michigan
08/15/15 10:29 am

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suppressedID That is my secret Cap
08/15/15 9:53 am

Which is why the Right likes to tear it down.

bethanyq Ess Eff
08/15/15 9:50 am

By its nature, no.

slickspin Heart of Texas
08/15/15 8:11 am

H20 is the formula for water. It always will be, it settled.

08/15/15 10:07 am

It is the formula for water within a system of classification that seems to work well. Tomorrow? Probably still. We'll see.

PresWK Minnesota
08/16/15 6:13 pm

I was just referring to the fact that our current physical laws may not be necessarily constant or are not specific enough. And the same results we have observed for centuries may not be reproduced the next day.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
08/15/15 7:15 am

Only when influential politicians say it is settled. Unlike the normal scientific process, "settled" science requires no evidence. In the event new evidence is found research must be done to discover how this new evidence fits the conclusions.

smarttexan More Moderate Than U
08/15/15 7:03 am

Should we ever stop seeking knowledge?

08/15/15 5:52 am

And we have a yes vote from a libertarian in the state of Illinois. Pray, good sir, how could that be?

08/15/15 5:57 am

And Louisiana has chimed in. Same question.

08/15/15 5:58 am

(that's Mississippi)

08/15/15 5:01 am

Doesn't at all mean we shouldn't act on the best evidence, but presentation of new evidence and contrary interpretation is needful to the process.

ezh2o Texas Hill Country
08/15/15 10:16 am

So maybe we should not jump to an action that will erode the very fabric of our economy and destroy our way of life in America because some political wackos think the sky is falling.