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Show Of Hands November 26th, 2011 12:00am

You can have only one ice cream flavor for the rest of your life. Is it vanilla, or something else? (SonQ)

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funnybunny Massachusetts
12/05/11 8:51 pm

I could eat vanilla Ice cream all day! :D

niklorrain Illinois
12/02/11 1:08 am

Vanilla... Can add anything you want to it

jwr053 Kentucky
12/02/11 12:22 am

Cool thing, vanilla with chocolate syrup, or with butterscotch, or with fruit topping, or with other fun flavored things.

moosey Texas
12/01/11 2:12 pm

Ben and Jerry's cheesecake brownie!!!
Or maybe Blue Bell Dutch Chocolate...hmmmm. Can't decide.

11/29/11 11:27 pm

Bryers Heath ice cream is heaven

beaglebay Texas
11/29/11 4:47 pm

Blue Bell's Homemade Vanilla- the best! Made here in Texas but loved all over the country. : )

EnginE3r Texas
11/29/11 10:12 am

So basically what's your favorite ice cream flavor?

11/28/11 11:59 pm

Pistachio-gotta have that protein!!! ;)

11/28/11 10:27 pm

Vanillas not my favorite flavor but if I could only have one flavor the rest of my life it'd have to be vanilla

blutuesday California
11/28/11 6:53 pm

What's in Steven Colbert's ice cream?

11/28/11 1:45 pm

Moose Tracks or Chocalate Chip Cookie Dough

Caspey Pennsylvania
11/28/11 12:48 pm

vanilla is way more versatile than any other. plus, you can mix in stuff like snickers or bacon!

StNik North Carolina
11/28/11 11:20 am

Chocolate with peanut butter. Hmmmmm- best flavor combo in the history of man.

Kato Minnesota
11/28/11 5:16 am

Blue Moon Ice cream I wonder if it's likening blue bell ice cream everyone else keeps commenting about?

11/28/11 12:45 am

Nice call. I was thinking of malts & shakes. Chocolate, strawberry, blueberry or any other flavor you can add. But I like your call too.

11/28/11 12:37 am

Haha I was just about to say the exact same thing as random :)

11/27/11 11:37 pm

Vanilla, cause you can turn it into any flavor with syrups.

11/27/11 11:24 pm

Strawberry cheese cake or cookies and cream. Whatever it's called with the crushed Oreos in it.

11/27/11 11:00 pm

And tons of sorbet and sherbet, since it isn't ice cream.

Zack100 Tatooine
11/27/11 10:34 pm

Jerry's* oops gotta love autocorrect

Zack100 Tatooine
11/27/11 10:33 pm

Ben and jerks can't compete against blue bell!!!

11/27/11 9:27 pm

Ben and Jerry's Chubby Hubby. That's all I'd need.

11/27/11 9:22 pm

Vanilla ice cream is gross.

11/27/11 8:41 pm

Pistachio. Ooooohhhhhh yeah!

ashann(: Washington
11/27/11 8:24 pm

I chose vanilla, who said you can't choose toppings? (:

11/27/11 7:48 pm

I chose"other" because no one would know what I chose and I could just keep changing the flavor >=]

11/27/11 7:25 pm

Mint chocolate chip!!!

11/27/11 6:11 pm

Vanilla of course! If you want chocolate, add chocolate syrup, if you want cookies & cream, add cookies! Vanilla is more versatile.