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joker145 August 15th, 2015 2:19am

SOHAH: In your current or last relationship, if you wanted sex, did you ask first or just go for it?

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Krystina Let Freedom Reign
08/15/15 8:36 am

I am my husband's sexual submissive, so anything we do sexually is up to him. I can ask for anything I want, of course, but it's always his choice and we both love our dynamic that way.

Sting716 Libertarian Golden Flash
08/15/15 7:33 am

Talk first. I really need to make sure my right hand wants it.

rickvee Living the dream
08/15/15 4:32 am

The first time with my fiancé I just pulled it out of my pants and poked her in the hip with it. She bent over and sucked it. I knew she was the one. 😍

Rosebud Ohio
08/14/15 8:01 pm

First time there was a discussion beforehand. Now, it's a mix. He'll ask me to come to bed earlier, or I'll make a comment in the same realm. Other times it just happens.

bluerum29 optimistic idealist
08/14/15 7:56 pm

Married, so it's basically a convo to make it happen

Emily33 North Carolina
08/14/15 7:48 pm

Usually just go for it, but I've asked a few times, too, if he "wants to play" :)

Emily33 North Carolina
08/15/15 5:07 am

With him? Oh yeah. But unfortunately it's been a month :(

Emily33 North Carolina
08/15/15 5:59 am

He's been gone for work. He gets back in a few days.

08/15/15 5:59 am

Hope you've had extra batteries on hand

Emily33 North Carolina
08/15/15 6:10 am

:) I'm just ready for him to come home

08/14/15 7:45 pm

I'd start foreplay first and whatever her response is will determine what I'll do next :^)

Rainey 633 Stag Trail Road
08/14/15 7:41 pm

It's more like bossing him around 😂 "we're gonna have/ do (fill in the blank) now!"