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thatguy2 We tried to warn you
08/13/15 10:33 pm

It's a trick. Neither of these people are Bernie Sanders.

STEVE64 Michigan
08/13/15 10:00 pm

I have no idea who the guy is but i pick him lol. Watch him end up being some terrorist or something

smacc DunningKruger
08/13/15 10:36 pm

Your kidding right?

STEVE64 Michigan
08/13/15 10:48 pm

No I'm not actually hahaha i don't recognize the picture but I'm only 18 so I'd assume he was more relevant before i can remember. But i still choose mystery man over Hillary

STEVE64 Michigan
08/13/15 10:49 pm

He looks familiar though as soon as i figure out who it is I'm gonna be like ohhhhh