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Squidboy August 13th, 2015 9:30pm

If a company is making significant annual profits do they have a moral obligation to contribute to charities?

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Zod Above Pugetropolis
08/13/15 10:16 pm

Not one penny. It isn't charity if it's an obligation. And I'm my view, isn't strictly charity if it isn't anonymous either.

08/13/15 9:02 pm

They should morally, but nobody should ever force them to or tell to to

Arkansas123 Neoconservative
08/13/15 8:49 pm

No, decisions about charitable donations ought to be made by individuals. The corporation shouldn't choose for its employees and shareholders.

suppressedID That is my secret Cap
08/13/15 7:41 pm

I'd be happy if they just pay their taxes. ALL of them.

bubba2526 New Jersey
08/13/15 7:07 pm

No but maybe having their workers pay be higher would be a good thing to do. It would help company moral and make it more productive and increase the number of people wanting to work there allowing them to be selective and choose only the best.

Hooah Fmr. Zia
08/13/15 6:38 pm

Yes they have a moral obligation to donate to charities. Does that mean are they forced to donate to charities? No. But it's the right thing to do. Luke 12:33. Matthew 6:1-4. 1 Peter 5:2-3.

VoteLibertarian Marble Falls, Texas
08/13/15 5:17 pm

MORAL obligation, yes - we all do. LEGAL obligation, no.

OhTheIrony Learning from you
08/13/15 4:51 pm

Corporations aren't people. They aren't subject to morality at all.

thatguy2 We tried to warn you
08/14/15 10:39 am

I agree that corporations aren't people but I don't see how it follows that they aren't subject to morality. How is morality specific to individuals and not groups of individuals?

OhTheIrony Learning from you
08/14/15 10:57 am

Corporations aren't groups of individuals. They're an abstract concept of profit-maximizing entities. Expecting companies subscribe to morality is absurd.

We need to regulate corporations through law so that they don't fuck everything up.

OhTheIrony Learning from you
08/14/15 10:59 am

Basically, we regulate companies to prevent them from putting profits before people.

We cannot and should not expect that they put people before profits on their own volition. They are subject to stakeholders and it creates a conflict of interest.

thatguy2 We tried to warn you
08/14/15 11:11 am

Expecting corporations to subscribe to morality is different than saying they aren't subject to it, and I don't see how having that expectation for a company is any more or less absurd than having it for an individual.

I voted no, btw

OhTheIrony Learning from you
08/14/15 11:38 am

Because morality is a concept that we use to denote the responsibility that living beings have.

Corporations are as abstract as emotions like happiness and sadness. It just doesn't make sense logically. They'd have to be people.

OhTheIrony Learning from you
08/14/15 11:41 am

We can mandate that corporations behave *ethically* through legal means(which we absolutely need to do), but *morality* is quite a different beast.

IMO atoms, space, opinion
08/13/15 4:09 pm

No. However, they do have a moral obligation to pay their employees a wage that keeps them out of poverty. Especially when significant profit is being made.

Think Lovin Life
08/13/15 3:50 pm

No, but anyone who says they're a liberal has an obligation to donate 90% of their income for the first $100k, and 100% beyond that!

ThomG25 Texas
08/13/15 5:55 pm

Let's all stereotype the liberals on SOH so we can get likes!!!

Think Lovin Life
08/13/15 6:50 pm

Poor little liberals. I guess the truth both hurts liberals and is recognized by common sense folks.

suppressedID That is my secret Cap
08/13/15 7:42 pm

I can't wait for you to change your name from "Think" to "Alzheimer's".

You should do truth in advertising.

Sting716 Libertarian Golden Flash
08/13/15 3:31 pm

If they want to donate to charity, that's cool. If they don't, that's cool, too. It's their money, let them do what they want with it. It's not charity if you're forced to donate.

TwistingRoot1 Washington
08/13/15 3:09 pm

They should at least be willing to match employees' charitable contributions (even if they set an annual limit).

jvc1133 61535
08/13/15 2:55 pm

If you force decisions on charity, it is no longer charity, f****** progressive liberals.