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m!a California
08/09/11 1:14 am

Who says NY? California is WAY better ! I luv CA

08/07/11 10:29 am

both need to be swallowed up by the ocean, just don't let the trash move inland.

08/07/11 8:49 am


We do both whether we like or not!

08/07/11 8:47 am

CA is a third-world country, and NY is too damn crowded!

08/06/11 11:37 pm

I'm Californian, so LA!!!

08/06/11 10:13 pm

New York, that's where the only Pokemon Center in America is :3

08/06/11 8:10 am

LA is good for a vacation, NYC is good for living.

cveazey Louisiana
08/05/11 1:09 pm

lol! never been to either. I <3 NO!

08/05/11 12:38 pm

Its funny that most people prefer NYC, except Cali itself. And South Dakota... That's random.

08/05/11 10:19 am

LA is so unbelievably overrated. NYC all day.

lovableme California
08/05/11 3:34 am

*Uuh I grew up in LA and lemme tell ya, it's really not that great. NY seems awesomer

true Home
08/04/11 9:19 pm

NYC! best place. love spending every vacation I have in NYC

08/04/11 2:05 am

I'd rather pay for straight illegals than support any homosexuality.

08/03/11 9:06 pm


08/03/11 2:20 pm

let's see high taxes in California to support illegal immigrants, homeless and the nanny state or New York where taxes are so high business is leaving and they have lost 2.5 million people in the last decade for the same reason. tough choice.....

cazretslep Colorado
08/03/11 1:00 am

NYC!! In LA I always feel like I'm gonna get shoot and/or stabbed by some wanna be gangster.

08/02/11 3:58 pm

Let's hear it for New York! New York!! New York!!!

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
08/02/11 9:59 am

Been to LA never want to go there again. The air is horrid. For the most part californians are rude, think they are better than anyone else. In Portland and Seattle you don't see bars on windows and doors.

08/02/11 5:52 am

Weather is great in LA but the people aren't. NYC is real.

em414 Pennsylvania
08/01/11 10:18 pm

I've been to New York twice and I LOVED it! Wish I could go to college up there!

fgvggfb New York
08/01/11 5:19 pm

New York is the best city in history.

08/01/11 4:17 pm

NYC all the way!!! I love my city & all the wonderful things it has to offer.

08/01/11 3:26 pm

I prefer the weather in LA, but NY has Broadway and I just can't resist a good musical.

08/01/11 1:46 pm

Of course I live in L.A.!! I live in North Hollywood.

Oh and there are plastic surgeons everywhere and they weren't one of the reasons I listed to prefer living in L.A. You should probably read what I write again.

08/01/11 10:33 am

new york's got the moma la's got walk of fame

08/01/11 10:31 am

shut up LuTang new york's way better than your plastic surgeon gang

thatguy2 We tried to warn you
07/31/11 11:44 pm

Ain't no party like a west coast party...

Blac1000 Maryland
07/31/11 11:06 pm

L.A. all day legal marijuana light one pass one

07/31/11 9:59 pm

I pick LA cause I'd rather live with hippies than Yankees.

07/31/11 9:20 pm

Lutang do you live in LA???

07/31/11 9:20 pm

You want to be FROM New York, but you want to LIVE in Los Angeles. That's the way to do it.

That's the way I did it and I ain't going back to those winters, the humid summers, or the super expensive roach-infested tiny apartments.

I loooove L.A.!!! WE LOVE IT!!!

07/31/11 9:18 pm

More people come to Los Angeles than go to New York. Weather is better. The people are better looking, more stylish, and more physically fit. You can ski, swim, hike, camp or brave the desert all within two hours max. It's the most diverse and wonderful place to live, all things considered.

ACLRR South Carolina
07/31/11 8:55 pm

I don't like either. I'm in la as we speak.

burnsey89 Louisiana
07/31/11 6:06 pm

LA? Bloods and crips? NYC? Super packed? I pick NYC, having never been to either.

07/31/11 2:52 pm

Over all without just going with the flow, LA > NY for so many reasons.

If you do not believe me, go through the comments and there are few real reasons why NY is any good - in comparison with the many valid reasons given for LA being better. (find it funny how more people just go with the flow lol

07/31/11 1:32 pm

after living in LA, I would want to try NY