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Show Of Hands August 7th, 2011 12:00am

Which concerns you more: the unemployment rate or the deficit?

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08/18/11 10:45 am

these are not mutually exclusive.

08/17/11 7:09 am

With more jobs comes a cumulative prosperity, which then translates to more tax revenue. Infrastructure needs to be invested in. The alternative energy sector needs to be invested in. Reign back military spending, spend money nation building at home for a while. Let the Bush tax cuts expire.

08/15/11 8:56 pm

We need to cut the deficit more. The deficit is what is hurting the economy because the government keeps spending and borrowing from other nations, while the unemployment rate is being affected by this because creating jobs is relied om the govt budget and it shows that it wont improve any sooner.

08/14/11 10:09 am

Besides that's what student loans are for. And EVERYONE qualifies!

08/14/11 10:08 am

Rosebai, what about college or trade school. It's hard with kids but worth the effort. No guarantee of a job of course but at least you'd be getting a skill. You don't even have to leave home or pay anything. I was out for 9 months and taught myself HTML, PSP, etc and learned how to repair IPhones

lawstudent Western NC foothills
08/14/11 1:16 am

rosebai - you have my 100% support, i pray blessing come your way.

c00kies California
08/14/11 12:50 am

if the unemployment rate was gone, everyone would be working and making money, which would decrease the deficit I hope...

LicensedNe North Carolina
08/13/11 10:31 pm

If the deficit wasn't so bad then the amount of people getting laid off would be much lower because companies would actual thane enough money to afford the workers.

08/12/11 3:03 pm

they both suck. if anyone needs an online marketing guru let me know

08/11/11 2:35 pm

Thank you Perot, and especially Vegan. There's a reason no one knows we're on assistance.

StNik North Carolina
08/10/11 11:48 pm

@Nick51, can you direct me to your source for "the majority of Texans" working for min wage?

08/10/11 8:51 pm

My step dad has had 2 heart attacks, a back surgery, and a quad by-pass. He works 10-14 hrs a day, not because he isn't paid in FULL on his SS, but rather the disability department doesn't see it as a valid claim because he works still. His brother had a disk rupture, he collects in full now.

08/10/11 3:39 pm

Perot, maybe i need another degee to go with my masters? Or should i just take a min wage job like the majority of Texans are now getting? One day you'll loose your job, have an unexpected illness or the like and maybe then you'll be a bit more humble

08/10/11 2:58 am

2.) how do they get off public assistance. 3.) what changes should they make in their lives to ensure they will never have to rely on public assistance ever again.

08/10/11 2:56 am

If they cared about their fellow citizens, they would take it as an opportunity to ask, 1.) what happened that caused them to end up on public assistance. 2).

08/10/11 2:53 am

As mentioned by others on here, there are plenty of people with jobs on food stamps and other gov't handout programs (WIC, Section 8 housing, Medicaid, etc.)

08/10/11 2:50 am

@Katy_g: More people working does not mean more people contributing. almost half the adult population do ot pay federal income tax and most of them have jobs.

mrcoyote Casa Grande
08/09/11 7:58 pm

Unemployment because if youve got nobody working you dont have anybody to tax

lawstudent Western NC foothills
08/09/11 2:18 pm

The judgmentalism and stereotyping of people on food stamps is not only ignorant and cruel, but also pointless. we don't know people's situations. God forbid you have a tragic life event take place (such as a spouse dying) and wind up needing government assistance suddenly.

lawstudent Western NC foothills
08/09/11 2:15 pm

TN - come on, let's think outside of the box. If the person in the forum who said they're on food stamps does have an iPad or iPhone, they could have purchased it before they ever foresaw needing food stamps.

08/09/11 12:28 am

As one exists, the other can't really change. Without jobs, people will not be able to go out and buy things to stimulate the economy. Without money, we can't really create new jobs. But it is easier to create new jobs, so the deficit is worse, in my opinion.

08/08/11 11:17 pm

TN I don't have a college degree. I'd be making minimum wage. Most likely not full time. Just to pay someone else to raise my daughter. Until your in my position just fuck off.

08/08/11 11:12 pm

What concerns me is that the unemployment rates have been climbing ever since Obama took office.

Nicole.neilson Oklahoma
08/08/11 10:01 pm

My wife works, and makes more than the cost of childcare. I don't buy the argument.

ace12321 Virginia
08/08/11 9:53 pm

14,900,000,000,000. that's all I have to say

chrismisen atlanta
08/08/11 9:18 pm

the deficit makes us look like slackers to all the countries that we borrowed money from and jokes to everyone else. the unemployment rate will go down by itself sooner or later. this gigantic deficit wont get close without a lot of work on it. and we all know congressmen are lazy. so im worried.

08/08/11 7:55 pm

What concerns me is congress is still drinking Mai Tais somewhere and not addressing these issues.

ARL2028 California
08/08/11 7:37 pm

If the unemployment rate goes down, then the deficit will go down.
If the unemployment rate goes up, then the deficit will go up.

08/08/11 6:44 pm

Also TN you can get on here from an iPod and wifi.

08/08/11 6:43 pm

TN I have said that I am before. I've also said I'm lucky enough my parents pay for my phone (and it was their Christmas gift to me to have an iPhone) otherwise I wouldn't have a cell at all. They want to be able to call me. If I had to pay my own bill i wouldn't have a cell, let alone iPhone.

lauriedampier Louisiana
08/08/11 6:35 pm

And many of you northerners sound completely uneducated about most issues on Show of Hands. My state is 49th in education, come on now.

lauriedampier Louisiana
08/08/11 6:33 pm

The deficit is a more global issue facing the entire nation, while unemployment is a more national issue. When deciding on the larger problem at hand, it would probably be the deficit. Unemployment has a direct impact on the deficit in some instances.

Nicole.neilson Oklahoma
08/08/11 6:27 pm

Did someone on here say they were on food stamps, yet they have an IPAD or IPhone?

lastseam California
08/08/11 6:01 pm

control the deficit u control jobs in debt government puts laws to tax more then owners move there business to get away from tax

yesmaam socal
08/08/11 5:54 pm

Well jobs cuz a job involves you and you need to make money. The deficit is the governments problem

08/08/11 1:18 pm

@Birdmech have you applied for jobs? If you are actively looking you would know that jobs are easier to come by than most think. The high paying jobs are the only ones in low supply. People just refuse to look for jobs "below" them. (although how is providing and surviving "below" anyone?)

katy_g Montana
08/08/11 12:39 pm

More ppl working = more ppl contributing!

08/08/11 12:24 pm

@Birdmech. We do not have record unemployment. It's been WAY higher many times before. Please don't state lies just because you think it's a record. 9.1% is definitely not good, but it's certainly not "record unemployment" or even close.

08/08/11 12:22 pm

If you have a job, you don't really care about the government debt as much. As long as your family is provided for first, then you can pick and choose which high interest purchases you want. Number one is HAVING A JOB!!

08/08/11 11:41 am

I can't understand some of the commenters logic. People are not suddenly unemployed because they decided to get lazy. We are in a global recession with record unemployment. There is just not a lot of hiring or jobs available. And I think we need to address that.

higuys Illinois
08/08/11 11:12 am

jobs won't matter when the US collapses.

08/08/11 10:17 am

people on welfare should have to do work, even if its just cleaning up litter.

08/08/11 10:02 am

Deficit is more important. People can get jobs if they are willing to go to "lower" jobs than they had originally. Yea manual labor isn't a $30/hr desk job but it's a job. Plus the economy naturally corrects itself (basic economics). The deficit will not. That is fully man-controlled.

08/08/11 9:59 am

Puppylvr thats not always true. A bad stereotype. My family is on food stamps and my husband works 2 jobs (14 hours today) to support us. If I worked I wouldn't make more than daycare. We're on food stamps and trying to get off bc of pride. And The food card doesn't pay our bills each month.

08/08/11 9:12 am

Unemployment leads to lower tax revenues as well as increased expenditures for unemployment payments. Getting people back to work would both increase revenues and decrease spending thereby making a dent in the annual deficit.

lawstudent Western NC foothills
08/08/11 8:29 am

PuppyLvr said "why work when you can get food for free?"

lawstudent Western NC foothills
08/08/11 8:28 am

@PuppyLvr - this is not only ill-informed, but also a nasty stereotype. I had a friend on food stamps. she worked full-time in retail. a single mother working her butt off best she could. get to know those you're stereotyping before you make disparaging comments.

08/08/11 8:16 am

It's interesting that those who are most concerned about unemployment are in states running the highest deficits. Coincidence or correlation? Correlation I think.

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
08/08/11 7:53 am

Just get people back to work,thats all.