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02/01/12 11:29 am

I think its wrong,because kids can getinto their parents account to do it...

01/30/12 1:31 am

Legalize it. It's already legal IRL. just tax it! Charge me to deposit! Whatever! Bring it back!

foelkera Pennsylvania
01/27/12 5:51 pm

Everyone deserves their right to be stupid.

01/25/12 10:41 am

if u against it don't play... but don't tell me not too.

01/24/12 9:50 pm

Are the states against online gambling the same ones that have Native American Run casinos?

tsk California
01/24/12 1:49 pm

Online gambling is rigged. Now imagine playing with real money.

01/24/12 11:00 am

No online poker is against real people. I earned real money before it was shut down.

01/23/12 8:14 pm

Legal ponzi schemes.

01/23/12 7:18 pm

Yes, if people want to potentially ruin their lives by gambling or drugs or other illegal things let them. They probably weren't smart in the first place.

Cassidy Nevada
01/23/12 4:36 pm

As a born and raised Nevadan, I have grown up believing that any form of gambling is perfectly ok.

01/23/12 2:17 pm

Skepti- Online poker is usually played against the machine yes?

01/23/12 11:02 am

Yes. Gambling is legal all over the us, like lottery. And skill games like poker should be legal.

PetePuma Oregon
01/23/12 2:21 am

No. Poorer people tend to gamble way more often than richer people. Our Government is way to willing to use gambling as a means of revenue, making this nothing more than a regressive tax.

MGLC New Mexico
01/22/12 10:24 pm


My point we need too as their our only ally in the region and we need to keep it ideally.

Nerdz Texas
01/22/12 9:07 pm

no not online too many bugs and such

01/22/12 8:12 pm

The addictive appeal of all online activities and the influence it has had on interpersonal and social interactions is a hot topic in psych and sociological circles, I believe for good reason. We should tread lightly and ask not only who benefits but who is harmed - and to what degree.

01/22/12 8:09 pm

@FrankZappa - not being a gambler myself and having no personal exposure to or experience within the gambling world, I admit that my POV is limited from that perspective. However, that being said, I don't see a reduction in the negative impact of gambling by legalizing it online.

01/22/12 7:15 pm

Ooh thanks.

Doesn't sound like anything to bad. It's not like if sit hits the fan we are going to side w istael

MGLC New Mexico
01/22/12 6:47 pm


He means we need to be on their side, we have sided with the Palestinians way to much recently. (trying to stat neutral)

MGLC New Mexico
01/22/12 6:45 pm


Yes local taxes fund schools, but the federal dept. of education uses federal tax dollars for some programs like no child left behind etc. the Feds sadly now can actually interfere now with education, but for the most part it is local yes.

01/22/12 5:49 pm

School budgets are a local thing. Obama isn't in charge of how school leaders travel for a meaning. Don't local taxes fund school?

Lack of support for Israel? Do you mean we need to spend more money on them w foreign aid?

01/22/12 4:51 pm

Some cuts can be made to some programs w/o damage- those cuts should be made.

FrankZappa New York
01/22/12 4:51 pm

@enuf4you, I believe that's the only legitimate reason. But hey, I've been kicked out of bars before. Some responsibility lies on the bookie/house, making it illegal has the same effect as the war on drugs. I know an underground game that got robbed by 5 guys with shotguns. It was a big game.

01/22/12 4:50 pm

@Fresh1- his lack of support for Israel.
Also- there can be cuts to programs w/o hurting them. I have a friend that works for the school district, they travel on the school budget to meetings (along w/other districts) instead of using 'Go To Meeting' (or something similar)- that can be cut.

01/22/12 4:33 pm

I agree that we cannot protect people from themselves, but that does not mean we should open the cage to the fire breathing, toxic waste oozing dragons, decorate the door with pretty lights and invite people to walk in.

01/22/12 4:31 pm

@frankzappa - it is predatory, there is an addiction issue, historically it has been a tool of organized crime, in my state gambling debt is not only the responsibility of the gambler but the gamblers spouse.

I am also opposed to "payday" type lenders - their rates are higher than a loan sharks.

01/22/12 4:11 pm

Actually, what is it that you don't like about his foreign policy?

01/22/12 4:11 pm

At ntvxn: well it is impossible for the other republicans to accomplish all their goals without cutting spending somewhere. O right they can take away everything that supports the American people so we can build an afghani government.

01/22/12 3:26 pm

And to those that think it'll lead to further decline of American- weak people will be weak people anyway- don't penalize the rest of us.
But I think going to a casino is something that on-line gaming can't compete with; it's part of the experience.
Finally- I go to casinos for the concerts!

01/22/12 3:22 pm

@Fresh1- but Ron Paul's foreign policy is so messed up it reminds me of Obama!

01/22/12 3:19 pm

Think about the tax revenue! Maybe the gov't will be happy with the workers over-taxed & not tax us anymore!

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
01/22/12 2:48 pm

No,enough people gambleand get in trouble,this would make it easier to get in trouble from home.

01/22/12 2:06 pm

games based on strategy and skill should be FULLY LEGAL. lotteries and other forms of gambling should be illegal. Those games are hidden taxes for the uneducated only incentivizing pipe dreams.

FrankZappa New York
01/22/12 1:36 pm

@OMG2012, it's been illegal since 2006, that means there are NO regulations.
Or, you're just regurgitating tea bagger talking points without thinking.

erw331 New York
01/22/12 12:55 pm

Freedom! Stop protecting me, from me. Too many regulations.

01/22/12 12:35 pm

it is not a secure way of gambling as the Internet is the most hacked system

NJConserve New Jersey
01/22/12 10:25 am

The answer is Freedom, as always. I used to love playing poker online! Number one thing president bush did to piss me off!

01/22/12 10:14 am

Noticed that majority of the states that allow gambling voted no. Typical

01/22/12 9:41 am

Ron Paul is the only republican who is logical, consistent, and smart rather than hateful. He goes beyond "we have to get Obama out of here".

01/22/12 9:32 am

The new republicans congress. All they seem to be doin IMO is hating on Obama. The want to spend MORE money on defense. Where do we get that from? Taxes? Deficit? We sure aren't gonna get it from anywhere but the middle class

01/22/12 9:30 am

The hate against democrats is stupid. They don't take away any more freedoms than republicans. Our country is just fine with a democratic president and they are as patriotic as any one. When Clinton had that surplus he didn't say "let's give away free money". And I don't see anything different with

NYevo NY
01/22/12 9:04 am

@shanana: i think that can be controlled online. You need a credit card. I cant remember exactly, but i think if you're underage you cant get a credit card on your own. So the parents will be involved

01/22/12 8:58 am

It makes fraud way too easy to do and too difficult to combat.

NYevo NY
01/22/12 8:45 am

I suppose it should be even though i think its gonna ruin lives and families. Like alcohol and Tobacco

Supremacyst Utopia
01/22/12 8:00 am

I think it should be legal, but have a maximum bet ceiling, like $100. Keep it small scale.

FrankZappa New York
01/22/12 7:53 am

We, the government, cannot and should not even try to keep children from anything, that's their parent's jobs.

shanana illinois
01/22/12 7:42 am

I'm not opposed to gambling, but I'm very opposed to underage kids gambling, and I don't think you can control that online

01/22/12 7:07 am

People go into gambling knowing the risks... There is no one to blame but the gambler if they do in fact lose money