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Psychoanalysis August 10th, 2015 6:02am

Hypothetical Situation: Donald Trump does not get the Republican nomination, and runs as an Independent. This causes a split vote for conservatives, causing the Democrats to win. (How likely do you think this is. Do not vote on favorability.)

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LostTexan42 Deal With It
08/10/15 9:00 pm

Democrats will win regardless of Trump

Kneske College Station, TX
08/10/15 11:46 am

History tells us that this is the sign that the Republican Party is about to be gone forever

Kneske College Station, TX
08/10/15 2:07 pm

In 1912, Taft tried to do what TR wanted to do but failed. This resulted in a pissed Teddy Roosevelt running as a third party. This resulted in Woodrow Wilson winning easily.

Kneske College Station, TX
08/10/15 2:08 pm

Modern day republicanism is already dying steadily, this will only speed it up

Kneske College Station, TX
08/10/15 2:08 pm

You'll then have 8 years of Hillary and the closest thing to a republican is a centrist like Jim Webb or Rand Paul

Psychoanalysis Analyze Everything
08/10/15 2:09 pm

Or Bernie, his numbers are ramping up great! And I agree with you.

Kneske College Station, TX
08/10/15 2:18 pm

I respect Bernie far more, but he's like the underdog taking on the NY Yankees

08/10/15 3:25 am

If he does that then he really cares more about winning than the good of the country.

mynamehere69 South Carolina
08/10/15 2:44 am

He won't make it far enough to matter.

Rotavele Alabama
08/09/15 11:10 pm

Unlikely (unfortunately). They're not going to vote for trump if they know it'll result in an exact win for Hillary or Bernie.

chinito Florida
08/10/15 6:44 am

They voted for Ross Perot once. That's how Bill Clinton was able to defeat Bush Sr.