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slaodjdndfij August 10th, 2015 12:52am

So while I was deleting apps off of my phone, I wondered if I should delete Show of Hands.

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Sentinel Ya ie wa noh
08/09/15 9:22 pm

Not only do you try to assist the community with your input and advice, to incite thought and perspective., let the community assist and support you..........

brisket19 bless up
08/09/15 7:52 pm

Just take a break for like half a month and you'll feel better

firefly5 the verse
08/09/15 7:07 pm

Do what's right for you. You also don't have to be on every day. There are plenty of users who take breaks. I hope you decide you like it here, but don't force it. It's supposed to be fun, right?

ronderman North Carolina
08/09/15 6:30 pm

Has SoH hurt you or helped you over the last few weeks. I hope this community has helped.

SouthernLaw Old North State
08/09/15 6:01 pm

Well Maddy, if you do decide to leave, I will still keep you and your family in my prayers. I enjoy following you though, so I would like it if you stayed, but whatever is best for you!

bringstheeagle Colorado
08/09/15 5:55 pm

You're doomed since you thought about it. Lol.