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Show Of Hands February 3rd, 2012 12:00am

Pick a super power: the ability to freeze time for up to 5 minutes in any given day, or the ability to influence people near you 50x more than the average person.

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02/06/12 12:36 pm

@jgreene I failed to think of it in that respect. In that case, then time would still be relevant. 5 minutes would now be much more than five minutes, but it it wouldn't be infinitely continuing like I had theorized

02/05/12 12:40 pm

Incidentally, why is the greatest age given only "above 40?" These polls would mean much more if we could see the results broken down all the way up into senior citizens and beyond and not just limited to those born after 1972.
Aging brings both wisdom and fear of change. We underestimate both.

02/05/12 12:28 pm

I would have picked freeze-frame if it was more than five minutes, but that's not enough time for anything. Persuasion, however, is how our country is run. 50 times the norm is huge and could get you pretty much anything you wanted for yourself or others, you could change the state of the world.

02/04/12 5:25 pm

Only 5 minutes?! I would choose persuading powers any day.

dbrat East Coast
02/04/12 3:26 pm

wow we're a bunch of salespeople!

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
02/04/12 2:44 pm

@tcap- in cases were "time is frozen", in actuality, the participant is sped up to the point that it looks like everyone else has stopped. At least in this imaginary case where I try to come up with a theory that would make the question more plausible... ????

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
02/04/12 2:41 pm

Persuasion is winning? 50 x 0 is 0... Do you realize how little persuasion the average person has over the average person next to them? None.

Nerdz Texas
02/04/12 2:38 pm

persuading could come in handy

02/04/12 8:49 am

would rather embrace the use of my own free will and not bother with others

02/04/12 5:47 am

I am a teacher so I would love to persuade my students to behave, pay attention and do their best. Persuading the principal I don't need to do paperwork would be nice too!!

BadBadger Georgia
02/04/12 1:55 am

For all you would-be-bank robbers, watch the Twilight Zone episode "A Kind of a Stopwatch." At least read the Wikipedia synopsis of it. One of my favorite episodes!

SouthernG Man Cave
02/03/12 10:20 pm

don't over analyze...u get the intent of the question

02/03/12 10:19 pm

Since time would be suspended, 5 minutes would no longer exist as there would be no way to measure the time that has passed. Even using a stopwatch wouldn't accurately reflect the time, so time would still be infinitely frozen.

02/03/12 9:26 pm

Being able to persuade people. If you were being attacked you would just persuade your attacker to leave you alone

mamita Alabama
02/03/12 7:54 pm

Freezing time would be cool even if just for 5 minutes. Get out of traffic if in a rush or sneak in the movie theater. And well you could pretty much get away with stealing. With money you can persuade people.

02/03/12 7:12 pm

influencing would be all the time, but 5 minutes a day only would suck.

02/03/12 3:58 pm

You guys HAVE NO IDEA the power to be able to freeze 5 minutes of time around you in a day. Think of the many possibilities like on tests, going out on a date, arguing with people, stealing, going really fast in the freeway, getting away from the crime scene... etc. way better than influencing.

valeriejo ramble on
02/03/12 3:38 pm

I'm pretty good at persuasion, but I'm a slow thinker. I think if I could freeze time every once in awhile I'd be able to think of the right things to say. Plus, freezing time is just cool.. If you were being attacked you could just freeze time and run away before the attacker unfreezes!

chrismisen atlanta
02/03/12 3:35 pm

if i could choose when to turn on te persuasiveness, then i would definitely pick that.

02/03/12 3:16 pm

I'd do freeze time and become a Marine or firefighter, I'd be invaluable.

PAteach1 Pennsylvania
02/03/12 3:10 pm

Is it freezing one time and persuading for as long as you live?

02/03/12 2:33 pm

freezing time to think and go back to unsay hurtful things. that would be a great thing

ORinNY New York
02/03/12 2:29 pm

Want to persuade people? Have good ideas and articulate them well.

kst8r Iowa
02/03/12 1:57 pm

If you want to influence people 50x more than u already do, just go on a reality tv show and voila! Exhibit a- snooki. Exhibit b- Kim kardashian. 'Nuff said

02/03/12 1:45 pm

Both could be extremely dangerous for mankind. Time is invaluable and could allow many things to be done that otherwise would not. But persuasion, could be used for influencing negatively and for your own personal gain. Like I said, dangerous, yet could be turned around for the better

02/03/12 11:34 am

you could rob a bank.

EarlyBird Portland
02/03/12 9:22 am

Freezing time for 5 mins a day would quickly give the ability to rule the world.

02/03/12 8:41 am

It would be really hard to have genuine friends or relationships if you persuade them to be your friend 50x more easily than you do now.

EJC Wisconsin
02/03/12 8:39 am

FreezeTime for only five minutes a day seems useless.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
02/03/12 8:12 am

Freeze time if I get rollover minutes. Otherwise, persuasion.

Quinnipiac Here
02/03/12 7:28 am

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sweetnes34 Outta Phucks
02/03/12 7:20 am

When I think of persuasion being a magical power I think of "having the force" levels...these are not the droids you are looking for. We can pass :)

skeptical Indianapolis, IN
02/03/12 6:13 am

I guess we're assuming we're not also frozen in time lol! Otherwise I guess it's just a nice break from life.

02/03/12 5:44 am

persuasion is not some 'magical power' people. Anyone, with the right "know how" can do it... It's called manipulation, it works; it's not magical but damn sure powerful! American ppl who defend corrupt govt (manipulated), Casey anthony's/OJ simpsons judge (manipulated)...u get where I'm going

hacim Michigan
02/03/12 5:06 am

I think that with a 5 min freeze you would still be able to influence a lot of people by doing things before time starts again. You would also be able to influence objects, which would come in handy

02/03/12 2:37 am

Well, I already have the persuasion power, so I think I'll go with freezing time, even though it's lamely limited by the same time your freezing.

waguy Washington
02/03/12 12:47 am

Man...what I would give for the persuasion power.

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
02/02/12 11:19 pm

Persuasion powers!!!!
After making my life more comfortable I'd persuade extremists to be more neutral, I'd persuade lazy people to go to work, I'd persuade baby making factories that 7 kids is really enough, I'd persuade kids to finish high school, I'd persuade drug users to give them up.

veritas1 Panda
02/02/12 10:59 pm

I could break all the track world records…

…or be a really damn good used car salesman. Hmm.

argeas Arnor
02/02/12 10:51 pm

Freeze frame? There's a Thu'um for that...

cabooseftw Illinois
02/02/12 10:47 pm

I originally voted to freeze time, but seeing some of what you guys said persuaded me to change my vote.

Not sure if logical or if actual superpower.

Planoneck Guam
02/02/12 10:13 pm

Use influence to gain positions of power to gain greater influence and so on and so for. It's a never-ending cycle of megalomania that doesn't end until the world has elected you Supreme Leader for Life. Also, Id imagine there'd be lots of sex involved.

yepnope Maryland
02/02/12 10:10 pm

Gautama, what if you were a professional used car salesman?

02/02/12 10:02 pm

Although it isn't necessarily stealing what was originally stolen from the working class.

02/02/12 10:01 pm

Both can be used to take advantage of people and companies. I'd be stealing from billionaires.