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cowboy August 9th, 2015 4:23am

So now that the dust has settled. How did the Karl Rove network handle the debate?

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jvc1133 61535
08/09/15 6:46 am

It was what it was, had trump in it so a lot was lost. 😎

cowboy Doors of Perception
08/08/15 9:27 pm

I thought Megan Kelly was part of CNN when she mentioned the non-existent "War on Women". And no mention of Planned Parenthood selling baby parts so Rand Paul could defend his Bill to defund that awful organization. Piss poor job.

08/08/15 9:31 pm

Don't forget the fact that they unfairly targeted Trump because he threatened the Establishment.

cowboy Doors of Perception
08/08/15 9:34 pm

Rand called out Trump, from the very beginning, for being a Clinton hack.

08/08/15 9:35 pm

Still, he was targeted by Fox because he threatened their golden boy Jeb, why do you think they didn't mention PP.

cowboy Doors of Perception
08/08/15 9:37 pm

So that Rand Paul couldn't talk about his Bill to defund Planned Parenthood.

08/08/15 9:38 pm

Exactly, people like Rand, and Trump are seen as threats by Fox hence the unfairness in the debate.

cowboy Doors of Perception
08/08/15 9:40 pm

Trump is a Clinton plant. Rand is the real deal.

Independent101 Be For America
08/08/15 11:38 pm

There was a small mention of PP videos when Scott Walker said he defunded PP before the videos ever came out. Also Mike Huckelbee said that we can't kill the unborn then sell their parts like parts of a Buick.

08/08/15 11:40 pm

Yes, but Megan Kelly didn't mention that, instead she started talking about the “war on women".

08/09/15 4:16 am

Trump doesn't need to be anywhere near the White House. I thought Fox did fine, but if they weren't as conservative as you'd like, it's because they wanted to get responses that independents might like too

polster2 US
08/09/15 5:47 am

Planned Parenthood hasn't broken any laws.

08/09/15 7:20 am


polster2 US
08/09/15 7:33 am

Innocent until proven guilty.

cowboy Doors of Perception
08/09/15 8:23 am

If crazy pussy is your thing, I could see that.

polster2 US
08/09/15 8:26 am

Is she really that crazy though?

rons screw politicians
08/09/15 8:34 am

Hey, Trump was worried she had her period. But Fox over did it in the beginning. I was disappointed. They set a combative tone.

cowboy Doors of Perception
08/09/15 8:38 am

Like any good actress, she was just following the script written for her. She let her crazy show through though.

rons screw politicians
08/09/15 8:40 am

I watch her show. She's goes after guest pretty good. But your right this was scripted.

08/09/15 8:51 am

She's great. And polster, they admitted it haha. Get out of here

polster2 US
08/09/15 9:06 am

It was a tough question, but is was fair.