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Chimama August 8th, 2015 11:31pm

If North Korea declared war on the United States, but Congress did not declare war on North Korea, would you consider us to be at war with North Korea?

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johnnycub Bronx
08/08/15 9:24 pm

Only if there was proof of them preparing for war, and not just bluffing

bunnymama5 NH
08/08/15 9:01 pm

By Congress declaring war I feel it then involves us all...little loophole to opt out...

EarlyBird Portland
08/08/15 8:54 pm

Vietnam was never declared a war and I considered it a war,

Sammmmm Was Weddellii
08/08/15 8:14 pm

Less war more love

MadCow True GOP
08/08/15 5:41 pm

Ha ha ha.

Who would even care?

knetzere Illinois
08/08/15 4:54 pm

Not until they have attacked us or made quite the posturing to do so