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Praetorianus August 8th, 2015 4:07am

Which presidential candidate is right for you? Take the quiz and find out. After you did, you found your result is...

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suppressedID That is my secret Cap
08/09/15 6:58 pm


I guess I'll have to take a look at him.

pedwingeorge Benson IL
08/09/15 8:56 am

I got Jeb Bush but he is one of the last people i would vote for

FarmerManE djent
08/08/15 8:28 pm

Mike pence. Who the fuck is that?
Tied with mike huckabee. Not voting for either

pedwingeorge Benson IL
08/09/15 8:53 am

Mike pence is the governor of Indiana

jvc1133 61535
08/08/15 11:27 am

Follow the link yourself, I make my own frcisions. 😎

08/08/15 7:02 am

Sanders- accurate

knetzere Illinois
08/08/15 6:17 am

This gave me 17% with Hillary so I think something is off.

I think the I side with quiz is a lil more accurate.

fireguy5454 Indiana
08/08/15 5:33 am

Not even remotely close. I the questions and answers lacked depth.

chinito Florida
08/08/15 4:48 am

90% Huckabee

He is not my favorite but I really enjoyed seeing him in the debate.

PartyJustin R.O.C.K. in the R.O.C.
08/08/15 4:35 am

I got Bernie on top, but Biden and Clinton weren't far behind. Cruz at 0% makes me happy though.

dxstap Bloomington, Indiana
08/08/15 2:37 am

The link took me to a site that was sponsored by "how to convert to Islam".
Don't think a site sponsored by convert to anything could be fair and unbiased.

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
08/08/15 1:44 am

Accurate! Bernie 88%

truspec Texas
08/07/15 11:15 pm

Bernie 83%
Clinton 71%
Biden 69%
Webb 62%
O'Malley 58%
Pataki 58%
Chafee 56%
Christie 26%
Kasich 26%
Paul 26%

truspec Texas
08/07/15 11:16 pm

The test was overly simplistic and lacked depth in my opinion

Praetorianus Fair enough.
08/08/15 12:21 am

Come up with a better one then.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
08/08/15 5:57 am

Well, it's an alternative, not bad, but imo not much better. This test has me rooting for Bernie with Paul second. I doubt it.

bringstheeagle Colorado
08/08/15 5:40 pm

I couldn't get the link in the original poll. This one has me with Bernie 95% and Hillary 85% and Cruz 1%. I'm thinking the Cruz thing is way high. Lol. Fun link.

Kimbobee the middle of nowhere
08/07/15 10:38 pm

Santorum and Huckabee, neither of which I'm considering voting for.

08/07/15 10:31 pm

1. Ideal Theoretical Candidate
2. Rick Santorum (95%)
3. Mike Huckabee (91%)
4. Rick Perry (90%)
5. Marco Rubio (87%)

orgblu10 Shamerica
08/07/15 10:29 pm

I got Santorum, who I like well enough, but I wouldn't vote for him because I don't think he has a realistic chance of winning.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
08/07/15 10:03 pm

Dear readers: if your results seem way off base and you haven't used the priority slider, try it now, it makes a big difference. You can set priorities for all topics which will bring out a different result if you haven't done it before.

rons screw politicians
08/08/15 6:33 am

Pataki! PATAKI! I'm moving to Sweden with Bernie.

d6410 Texas
08/07/15 9:54 pm

I got 82% Santorum. He's my least favorite candidate and I despise him.

08/08/15 9:16 am

*hands you a sweater vest *

08/07/15 9:49 pm

Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!

tsd715 New York City
08/07/15 9:41 pm

94%. Ted Cruz 0%.

08/07/15 9:41 pm

I got 100% Huckabee, I'm shocked as well.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
08/07/15 10:04 pm

As I mentioned above and below, did you set priorities?

Praetorianus Fair enough.
08/07/15 10:14 pm

So, who was your favorite candidate and how far was he behind in your results?

08/07/15 10:15 pm

Trump, he got 76% tied with Bobby Jindal.

bethanyq Ess Eff
08/07/15 9:36 pm

91% Bernie Sanders. No real surprise there.

kennabenena life is a blonde moment
08/07/15 9:31 pm

69% Joe Biden... I answered no opinion on quite a few though & I dont know if it's accurate because I didn't have anyone in mind to start.

08/07/15 9:30 pm

Bernie at 95%, couldn't be more correct!

EnderWiggin So disillusioned...
08/07/15 9:32 pm

I think that quiz was rigged! So did I!

08/07/15 9:45 pm

Great minds think alike!

political Georgia
08/07/15 9:29 pm

The answer choices did not really fit position on certain questions.

SunsetLeopard Still writing my story
08/07/15 9:27 pm

Rick Santorum - 73%
Jeb Bush - 72%
Chris Christie - 71%

Don't know Rick but don't mind Bush or Christie...I don't get into politics though so I don't know how accurate or inaccurate it is lol but it was fun 😛

Axl752 NY
08/07/15 9:25 pm

Bernie Sanders

CodySTL Southern Illinois
08/07/15 9:19 pm

73% Rick Perry.....who would never get get my vote in real life

08/08/15 9:15 am

He has glasses now so he's smart!

Praetorianus Fair enough.
08/07/15 9:13 pm

I got Rand Paul leading with 83%. Maybe. I haven't studied his positions thoroughly yet.

Maj Worth Economist
08/07/15 9:13 pm

95% Bernie Sanders. ✅