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RhythmofmyLife August 7th, 2015 8:57pm

My best friend and I have an ongoing war over which is better- woodwinds or brass instruments. (We're both in school band- I play the flute and my best friend plays the baritone.) What's your opinion on the subject?

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08/10/15 5:42 pm

Hey, Mary05... LOOK WHO'A WINNING NOW!!!

Christian1459 Cookin Trouble
08/10/15 4:59 pm

Brass. Biased because I used to play saxophone.

KDog4792 Pennsylvania
08/08/15 6:07 pm

That's because there are more brass instruments then there are woodwinds so technically brass should win...

Go woodwinds!

Mary05 who is that behind you
08/10/15 4:56 pm

Lol! I'm sorry I meant to reply to rhythmofmylife. Well . . . That's embarrassing. . .

Mary05 who is that behind you
08/07/15 6:02 pm

Lol! I'm her best friend! 😆

Mary05 who is that behind you
08/08/15 9:58 am

Hey rhythmofmylife look who's winning 😉

08/09/15 3:40 pm