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OldSquid49 August 5th, 2015 4:27am

Im glad Planned Parenthood never got a chance to sell me! Thanks Mom! You're awesome!

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LCAM California
08/04/15 11:41 pm

Saying it was planned parenthood is like calling all Muslims terrorist, it was a corrupt official working for a blackmarket organ business

Think Lovin Life
08/04/15 11:56 pm

Right ... but hang in, if that were the case, PP would be denouncing the horrible atrocities. Instead PP is doing the distraction dance.

Maybe you leftist apologists should get together and agree on the lies first, as now you all look really silly!

Axl752 NY
08/04/15 11:15 pm

Strongly strongly disagree

jlong105 Indiana
08/05/15 1:45 am

You wish planned parenthood had gotten the chance to sell you, or the poll author?

Axl752 NY
08/05/15 6:58 am

Thanks :-/

political Georgia
08/04/15 10:29 pm

I'm blessed to have a mother who put her child before her. Unfortunately, some people aren't raised right.