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Who are generally more responsible/reliable: men or women? (UserQ...from a couple apparently embroiled in an argument)

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08/23/12 12:12 pm

Even more simple: M E N


xxluciddreamxx Kansas
08/20/12 10:07 pm

As a girl, I can even tell you guys are usually more responsible.

CG Texas
08/19/12 8:10 pm

We're raised to believe that women are more responsible then men but honestly I can say that in things like being on time to somewhere or simple tasks like driving a car, I'm much more responsible then any girlfriend I've had.

mrcoyote Casa Grande
08/18/12 11:00 am

Im a guy and im much more reliable than most of the women i know

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
08/18/12 8:35 am

Frostedmin, that was spoken like a true woman: I have no idea what you just said!

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
08/18/12 8:33 am

Men, for the simple reason that they don't get periods to take them out of commission for days on end.

08/18/12 7:58 am

Women entered into the work force during wwII because the draft put a lot of our boys overseas. Our country called upon women to enter into the workforce to piecework: uniforms, ammunition and anything else needed for the war. We called it their duty

08/17/12 10:26 pm

lol women are full of themselves xD

hazel Tennessee
08/17/12 8:00 pm

Adalla...your theory on how women got in the workplace is flawed...corps did not PULL them in. We went in willingly because we wanted to buy more stuff..greed is the reason.

FrostedMin California
08/17/12 5:48 pm

Haha this poll made me crack up! I chose women just because we are naturally more feminine, which makes us more reliable. We are traditionally sensitive, which makes us sensitive. Then there is always those really masculine women, and feminine men. But I just say women because we are who we are. :)

08/17/12 5:08 pm

Wow Adalla how old are you? You believe women who strive to have it all is trying to be a man? That is about the stupidest remark I have ever heard. Are you even a woman? I am 57 years old and I am a wife, mother and real estate agent. I am all of those things because it is who I am. Shame on you!

kitten2cat Unknown
08/17/12 2:47 pm

Females mature faster than males which gives off the illusion of being more responsible. I know plenty of responsible/irresponsible women and men. No gender carries the responsible trait. It differs from person to person, but I did vote towards women, based off my past experience.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
08/17/12 10:57 am

...they could produce. Travel was easier and more frequent. And periodic droughts/blights drove people into the cities looking for work.
And it takes 2 incomes because, in many many cases, people want to "keep up with the Jones". They aren't satisfied living within one income. There are exceptions.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
08/17/12 10:57 am

adalla- if you look at history, women started working away from home in huge numbers during the industrial revolution. I don't consider those companies to be huge corporations comparatively speaking. But the consumer demand was there. People were no longer content to live on the farm with what...

jms in the middle of Nowhere
08/17/12 10:52 am

...Our purpose is to have a home and family in harmony and unity. Our separate jobs are equal in helping to achieve that. Misogyny would be the man putting the woman down, berating her, keeping her from improving herself because it would make him feel small, etc.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
08/17/12 10:50 am

... Involved!!!
I firmly believe that men and women are equals. Not equals in abilities but in purpose. I, as a wife and mother, have the job of home and family. My husband has the job of supporting us and being the head of our family. It's not misogynist as some here think. It's equal...

jms in the middle of Nowhere
08/17/12 10:48 am

...that, hated it!!! I loved the job but hated feeling torn between family and work. Both sides suffered. I still had all the "mom/wife" stuff to do on top of 40 hours of work!! Some women DO get involved in the business! If you believe in the Bible, John was beheaded because a woman got...

jms in the middle of Nowhere
08/17/12 10:47 am

adalla- I agree that things started sliding fast when women left home, put their kids in daycare and put their own glory and wants ahead of their children's. Yes, it's important for a woman to be educated and capable of stepping in if something prevents the man from working. Been there, done...

adalla Virginia
08/17/12 9:46 am

To continue the thought, once they'd exploited women as much as they could, they pushed for weak immigration laws to further expand the work pool, to lower costs even more. I think we're already in the next stage, part time workers without benefits. It's a slow squeeze meant to maximize profits.

adalla Virginia
08/17/12 9:44 am

Db4of4 - I think women always knew they were capable.

I think they got pulled into the work force by big corporations who wanted to double the work pool so they could pay lower wages. Now it takes 2 incomes for most families to live.

08/17/12 9:04 am

@thinker2 our country at that time too had higher taxes and more people apart of the "working class".

08/17/12 9:00 am

Women can still raise their children. Men can too. Education is the key to advancement whether they are male or female. As women were given the RIGHT to educate themselves they realized they no longer needed to be "bare foot and pregnant".

thinker2 nc
08/17/12 8:08 am

As a working woman, I agree with atalla. Our country was better off when mothers raised their kids.

adalla Virginia
08/17/12 8:07 am

113girl - Good on you for shouldering the burden. Women certainly CAN work, but we lose as a society when they MUST work.

EarlyBird Portland
08/17/12 7:29 am

Oh Adalla! You are very brave for throwing that last post out there!
Good luck! :-)

113girl Idaho
08/17/12 7:09 am

adalla, I am a newlywed. my husband could not find work, so I worked while he looked for work. I am not trying to be a man, I am simply being an adult. I respect my husband, but without me he would not be to work on time everyday.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
08/17/12 6:34 am

@ecm: Sometimes emotion isn't a bad thing. PLUS, I BEG to differ about men aways using logic and fact.

adalla Virginia
08/17/12 5:19 am

... women abandoned their role and tried to be men.

Now if THAT doesn't bring on the hate posts, nothing will. Lol.

But it's true.

adalla Virginia
08/17/12 5:17 am

Jms - yes, behind every great man used to be a great woman. But she didn't get involved in business/politics. She took care of him, the household, the kids... All so he could focus on HIS responsibilities. Her job was every bit as important as his, and if you ask me we started going downhill when...

08/17/12 3:59 am

Unfortunately very few of the women I know I can rely on. While the guys I hang with are pretty darn reliable.

tsk California
08/17/12 2:48 am

Results confirm misandry is rampant.

Brickwall Minnesota
08/16/12 10:17 pm

@Adalla I initially answered women... But didn't think of that and changed my vote. We agree on yet another thing

jms in the middle of Nowhere
08/16/12 9:35 pm

adalla- if a man is married, the woman has always been involved!!! They just couldn't vote. LOL There is a woman behind every great man whether she is his wife or mother.
As for being run responsibly, that is very debatable!! But not on this thread. :-)

Ernest Make it so
08/16/12 9:34 pm

Women: argue with emotion and opinion.

Men: argue with logic and fact.

I rest my case.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
08/16/12 9:32 pm

db4- when? In Roman times? I'll give you that one. Even up through the Middle Ages and up until the 1800's. Then it shifted and more and more women began to teach. Then around WWII, for obvious reasons, females became more prevalent. Today, I would guess it is more even.

striker59 Colorado
08/16/12 9:08 pm

I say in extreme cases men.
But since the question was usually then I say woman. Since they are great caregivers.
Im a man.

08/16/12 8:29 pm

@jms: Teachers use to be predominantly male.

Steve6453 Michigan
08/16/12 8:10 pm

fact 83% if women dont believe they are responsible enough to run a country. just sayin'

adalla Virginia
08/16/12 8:02 pm

Look at the fact that this country was run responsibly before women got involved. There's your answer.

Flame away.

08/16/12 7:57 pm

I'm I the only one disturbed by the fact that Montana is the only state that thinks men are better, and that more Republicans think men are better than Democrats?

jms in the middle of Nowhere
08/16/12 7:18 pm

alfy- those positions have been held by men historically because they never allowed women to do them. I haven't looked at the stats but I would bet there is a huge, growing percentage of women entering all of the fields you named, except pope! I'd also bet some fields have more women than men now.

08/16/12 6:52 pm

Why are men afraid of women? Exactly

08/16/12 6:24 pm

Wow there goes our men. Have people forgotten that the most responsible people are mostly men?! Presidents, engineers, doctors, military leaders, and even the pope!

MrWalrus Undergrid
08/16/12 6:13 pm

There are a lot of whipped men on SOH.

08/16/12 5:50 pm

Most arguments that men and women have are opinions

Itabliss Hello
08/16/12 5:30 pm

Catslax, maybe if men stepped up their game and acted responsible, this wouldn't be such a problem for you.