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Psychoanalysis August 4th, 2015 5:09pm

Given the current United States' political climate, do you think it is possible for a non-politician with middle-class wealth to win a Presidency?

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AKCowboysFan Anchorage m8
08/05/15 4:33 pm

Definitely not. But the average man can try to get their name in politics in business and start on the lower rungs, eventually working their way up to a run

AKCowboysFan Anchorage m8
08/05/15 4:33 pm

Politics or business*

jvc1133 61535
08/05/15 3:46 pm

If there is a person that can unite the country, yes but doesn't exist.

markm72 Cornwall,PA
08/05/15 3:15 pm

Unfortunately, with the financial influence of lobbiests and corporate donors, the system is rigged in favor of the career politicians.

HistoryFan Nomad
08/05/15 12:48 pm

Snowball's chance......

mc88 Cleveland OSU
08/04/15 7:01 pm

If he had super pac help

evoecon nearest binary system
08/04/15 3:18 pm

The common man or woman could not be elected to a national office. We have a system dominated by two parties. Only the privileged get support and elected.

CudOfCow Oregon
08/04/15 11:00 am

Nope. If it ever was possible, it isn't now.

gow488 Wisconsin
08/04/15 10:38 am

Completely impossible