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FreeNation August 4th, 2015 5:48am

Windows 10 is available and free for 7 and 8 users, have you or do you plan on upgrading to Windows 10?

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theW0lf Leader of the Pack
08/04/15 6:53 am

I'm considering upgrading. I posted a similar poll to get done advice. I'm currently on 7 and I don't know what will break software-wise

FreeNation Pro Liberty
08/04/15 12:06 pm

I had no issues, all my software was compatible, and my graphic driver immediately updated, nothing broken.

FreeNation Pro Liberty
08/04/15 6:13 am

I switched, and overall I'd say 10 is bet then 7.

FreeNation Pro Liberty
08/04/15 9:59 am

More user friendly and 21st century like, the start menu on the left returned, they added a Siri like assistant named Cortina, all the keys just make sense, and it feels more like an improved windows 7 unlike 8 (which was not so good)