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OldSquid49 August 4th, 2015 1:59am

Men are being "woosy-fied" in America. Men don't wear pink, ear rings, makeup or perfume. That's nonsense liberals & feminists teach. Men are rugged, rough hands, tough, resilient, muscular, fit, bold, play contact sports & DO NOT have to smell good.

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jmw7477 Indiana
08/04/15 3:47 am

I do like that I'm married to a very masculine man. But he doesn't stink and has had his ears pierced when he was younger. He's a man -- not a cave man.

Psychoanalysis Analyze Everything
08/03/15 7:22 pm

Who cares? People come in all shapes and sizes, and have varying interests.

Mattlajoie83 Semi Charmed Life
08/03/15 7:20 pm

True but it doesn't mean that men can't be sensitive

08/03/15 7:00 pm

Damn Fucking Right!

MachoMatt84 Mountain climbing
08/03/15 10:00 pm

Hell yeah! Men should be men!