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Show Of Hands August 19th, 2012 12:00am

Do you plan to attend a football game this season at any level (youth, high school, college, pro) in person? (UserQ)

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08/27/12 4:35 am

I go for the marching band ^_^

08/26/12 5:18 pm

Gotta love being under those Friday night lights

peacehippo New Jersey
08/23/12 8:05 pm

Going 2 eagles v cowboys. Go eagles!!

08/23/12 8:02 pm

Part of my high school drumline, so yeah!!

tuvwxyz New York
08/23/12 3:58 pm

Cheerleader- I gotta go! But even if I wasnt I would probably go to some(:

08/22/12 3:22 pm

I greatly dislike football. The only reason I clicked yes was for the fact that I am planning to attend our high school Senior Night, to watch and show support for our great band. Go Ottawa Township High School Band!

HughVandivier Indianapolis
08/22/12 12:03 pm

Since 1987, I have attended every Monon Bell Classic game between Wabash & DePauw. I intend to attend this year's event as well. Wabash Always Fights!

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
08/21/12 11:12 pm

I'm a college freshman, gotta support my school! :)

BladeNut MA
08/21/12 5:10 pm

i play for my highschool , so yes

thornn Michigan
08/21/12 12:51 pm

Two regular-season games and the 100th Grey Cup! I can't wait until November. :D

08/21/12 8:11 am

Tonight, running the metal detector on the Pine Bluff side entrance.

blueyellow Texas
08/21/12 7:34 am

I'm going to support my girlfriend, who plays french horn in the band, but it's fun to watch our football team play :) It's kind of a win-win situation :)

08/21/12 4:03 am

Have too... Im in the band...

bstokosa Connecticut
08/20/12 9:58 pm

First - year to hold season tickets to the UCONN Husky's division-1 college football.

08/20/12 8:11 pm

Not going to a single game is simply un-American

08/20/12 8:10 pm

I'm a high school football player. I'll be watching 9 varsity games on the sideline and playing in 6 JV games, and also attending a handful of local Division III college football games.

monkeyy Ohio
08/20/12 7:55 pm

@mali and@mayonnaise and@whoever else is in a marching band: what instrument do you play? I play the bells;)

dbrat East Coast
08/20/12 4:00 pm

Baseball yes football no, that I'll watch from the comfort of my home

08/20/12 12:20 pm

Not going for the football. Going for the band!!!

emilyfc California
08/20/12 11:15 am

I hate football...but I'm in marching band, so I have no choice :P

Rio76 Wild West
08/20/12 9:17 am 12 year old is playing football this year.

08/20/12 8:53 am

Already did. Jets Giants preseason. Great to watch the G-Men rape that fat foot licker Rex retard ryan

NFLPrincess First and Goal
08/20/12 7:14 am

Eagles v. Bucs in Tampa December 9! Go Eagles!

08/20/12 6:48 am

kinda hard when you're a Niners fan in NY...but I'd go to a Bills game..but there's a little thing called money......

08/20/12 6:26 am

I go to every football game to take yearbook photographs. The only way to watch the game is to be on the field.

08/20/12 5:40 am

I'm in marching band, so sadly I have to go...

08/20/12 5:32 am

My dad is the head football coach here. So, yeah.

BandNerd Moderately Absolute
08/20/12 4:42 am

I'm in marching band... So obviously yes.

08/20/12 12:21 am

I watch real football. EPL, La Liga, Serie A.

08/19/12 11:34 pm

Football sux! {cue the boos}

08/19/12 10:06 pm

Royal purple all day long.

08/19/12 10:03 pm

It's great to be a Freshmen.

08/19/12 10:02 pm

All day long. Season Kansas state football tickets. It's going to be fun, crazy and wild. EMAW 2016!!!

08/19/12 9:01 pm

I'm a freshman in high school this year, and I'm really excited about the football games.

canesfan Miami, FL
08/19/12 8:28 pm

Going to Miami v NC State on 9/29


ugafan Southern by choice
08/19/12 8:21 pm

Support the local high school and UGA! Go Dawgs! Sic'em!

08/19/12 8:17 pm

Cowboys....this is your year!!! (at least I've got my fingers crossed)

08/19/12 8:09 pm

Florida State vs. UM

Go 'Noles!

bandgeeky New Jersey
08/19/12 8:09 pm

In marching band! Whoop! Going to every varsity football game.

footnmouth usually to the knee
08/19/12 7:22 pm

Freshman child in marching band...we will be going!

08/19/12 7:15 pm

Steelers season tickets <3

monkeyy Ohio
08/19/12 6:55 pm

High school!! I'm in the marching band so I have to go to all of them.

08/19/12 6:52 pm

Oh yeah! I'll be rooting on my Bears and the Fighting Illini.