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SugarShaq August 3rd, 2015 3:52am

Debbie Wasserman Schultz can't tell us the difference between a democrat and s socialist. Can you?

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PresWK Minnesota
08/03/15 8:43 pm

Please don't compare democrats to a legitimate ideology with solid stances

08/03/15 11:20 pm

How can one not?

jvc1133 61535
08/03/15 8:16 pm

They both suck.

Captainbstring Biden is a Clown
08/03/15 6:20 pm

She is a joke and cannot be taken seriously.

lip massholevania
08/03/15 4:29 pm

Wassermann was a test for syphilises go figure.

jmahippo Texas
08/03/15 2:20 pm

Democrats are closet socialists thats it.

GenericProfile Custom Tags Are Gay
08/03/15 11:27 am

64% of people don't understand politics.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
08/03/15 10:02 am

The only difference is the pace at which they head toward the same goal.

rons Thanks America
08/03/15 4:55 am

Debbie was tongue tied. Seems ashamed to be a socialist. Get out of the closet Debbie!

08/03/15 6:26 am

She's always tongue tied.

rons Thanks America
08/03/15 8:37 am

It's what happens when you have a forked tongue!

08/03/15 8:57 am

We can't listen to her. Her voice is grating.

08/03/15 7:42 pm

I was embarrassed for her.

cowboy Dawns Highway
08/03/15 3:41 am

The Republicans are the Socialists. Democrats are more Communist.

ezh2o Texas Hill Country
08/03/15 6:50 am

I disagree, Republicans are capitalist, democrats are fascists.

BusinessJustin Tamriel
08/02/15 11:10 pm

They're really very similar in many ways, though I could probably name a few small differences. It seems like most of the very vocal people on the left side of the political spectrum definitely wouldn't mind socialism.

Volt Florida
08/02/15 10:57 pm

Socialists want to forcibly take the means of production from the business owners and give them to the employees to maintain the business on their own. That is the difference. I’m not saying that there aren’t similarities, but that is the difference.

evoecon nearest binary system
08/03/15 5:00 am

I would only disagree slightly. Socialist take the means of production from the private sector and administer them for the benefit of the people.

Volt Florida
08/03/15 6:17 pm

You’re suggesting that everything is publicly run in socialism when that isn’t the case. It can go either way.

evoecon nearest binary system
08/03/15 7:15 pm

Marx wrote the means of production are not maximized while in private hands. Statist will allow some production to stay with private entities, just heavily regulated.

08/03/15 7:43 pm

What do the democrats want instead?

Volt Florida
08/03/15 7:45 pm

The Democrats want income to be redistributed. Pretty much, they only align with the collectivist aspects of leftism. But keep in mind, not all leftism is collectivist. Market socialism is a big faction too.

08/03/15 7:53 pm

Sounds like the same thing to me. Both taking from others that which isn't theirs.

Volt Florida
08/03/15 7:54 pm

That’s a gross oversimplification but sort of funny. You could use that to say fascists are the same too then.

Really though, stealing income and stealing machinery are different, but similar.

08/03/15 8:00 pm

Stealing production that others paid for is stealing money.

Volt Florida
08/03/15 8:02 pm

Not it isn’t. It’s not the same. Stealing machinery to keep single owners from controlling a business is not the same as stealing money to give to the poor. The goal is settle “class conflicts” but it isn’t the same thing.

Volt Florida
08/03/15 8:03 pm

Again, with your logic, fascists are also socialists and communists.

alkie New York
08/02/15 10:37 pm

Socialist has one more letter than democrat

andrewmac Paris
08/02/15 10:19 pm

Name one thing that has been proven false about it. H wait you can't because nothing can be

evoecon nearest binary system
08/03/15 5:01 am

Proven false about what?

kscott516 Masks fail
08/02/15 9:07 pm

Yes. The Socialists are open about their goals while the Dems simply lie to gain moderate votes.

evoecon nearest binary system
08/03/15 5:02 am

They are the same in the lack of success in benefiting the common people.