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Show Of Hands July 16th, 2012 12:00am

Do you want your preferred presidential candidate to run a clean "high road" campaign, or be willing to do/say anything and everything that it may take to win?

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GrowUp Minnesota
07/25/12 5:03 am

kytoaltoky ... suggesting that MrO is as conservative as Mr Bush says very little. Its not true, but if it were, how can we feel good about it?

MrO has been absolutely terrible for our country. We need a grown up in the Oval Office. Let's hope that Mr Romney is up to the challenge. MrO must go!

Rosebud Ohio
07/20/12 7:47 am

Ky- conservative? By what terms exactly? Lying about himself, pulling executive order when he earlier said its only to hide something, or supporting infanticide (check his votes from Chicago)? He's so far from conservative it's appalling.

Rosebud Ohio
07/20/12 6:59 am

Honestly surprised there's not a split, especially because of the candidate that just spewing all the mud he can to avoid talking about himself...

07/19/12 12:03 am

Isn't it interesting that old people with money are the one's most responsible for all the crappy TV ads about political candidates?

07/18/12 4:46 am

@GrowUp. Please enlighten us. What information do you have that we "brainwashed liberals" haven't seen? President Obama has been almost as conservative as GWB (minus the rhetoric). That's why liberals are lukewarm to him. What has he done specifically to tick you off? Cut taxes? Kill terrorists?

GrowUp Minnesota
07/18/12 1:56 am

Drew ... some do! Let's just stay vigilant, hoping for change based on a better informed electorate!

MrO must go!

07/17/12 9:52 pm

They vote based on popularity not on morals. If we voted based on quality Obama would never have been elected. The media decides who wins not americans. Obama is a terrible president that runs a good campaign, we americans cant see through his bulls*** and realize he is not qualified!!!

07/17/12 9:48 pm

This doesn't really matter... They will never run a clean campaign. The one who runs a clean campaign will lose to the one who doesn't... No one does the homework and researches the candidates they listen to the lamestream media... all lies and bashing.

07/17/12 9:38 pm

if only people more people recognized honesty rather than mimicking insults.

veritas1 Panda
07/17/12 9:34 pm

Clean and hones…Unless of course we are talking about their citizenship, race, religion, name, college acceptance reasons, college grades, tax reports, etc. Then smear them as an extremist Black Kenyan Muslim agent named "Hussein" who got into Harvard solely because of affirmative action. High road.

07/17/12 5:01 pm

Obama will have to try harder this time, given the millions that can no longer vote.

hazel Tennessee
07/17/12 2:47 pm

I would absolutely prefer a clean my candidate will not be able to withstand the BS of the competitor.

ishady 86451132020
07/17/12 2:15 pm

Cheap tricks like inventing a voter fraud problem or saying obamas not an American? The sad fact is the you'll believe anything Rupert murdochs cadre tells you. Fear mongering is standard practice for the GOP.

07/17/12 9:17 am

Keep it clean... Just like Obama. Not!

kirksten Columbia, MO
07/17/12 8:42 am

Sad to say it but playing dirty wins our elections. The voters are stupid and cheap tricks work on them. I just want my candidate in office so Obama doesn't hurt out country anymore than he has. I just don't think a clean campaign will win against a dirty one. Obama has no moral boundaries.

07/17/12 8:06 am

the old weed smoking gang! And re-write his auto-biography. Maybe this time he could actually be honest.

07/17/12 8:04 am

Has anyone else ever heard a President be anti free market like this one? Since he has never held a job longer then 10 minutes and felt like he was working for the enemy when he did it's not surprising what he said last Saturday. Hopefully next January he can go back to Chicago and reconnect with

07/17/12 6:52 am

We thought we were getting a transformational President and we got a Chicago political hack. What a disappointment.

07/17/12 6:51 am

The President can not run on his record. Have you heard him talk about Obamacare? How about the ineffective, massive stimulus? How about joblessness? No he has to get nasty, he has to lie or he might as well just disappear.

07/17/12 6:49 am

The economy grew at 1,9% in the 1st quarter. With the recent report of another fall in retail sales, economists are lowering their estimates for 2Q GDP. Historically the sharper the recession the stronger the recovery. Not with this President.

07/17/12 6:47 am

Keep it clean and be honest.

07/17/12 6:47 am

My doctor told me yesterday that he will only accept Medicare patients if they "age into it" with him. That is he won't turn anyone away who was a patient before they started Medicare. That is now true of 76% of the docs in my community. Barack Obama demagogues anyone who proposes a fix Medicare.

07/17/12 6:47 am

No holds barred means the candidate has to lie somewhere in his or her campaign.

07/17/12 6:42 am

Actually Obama's record is amazingly thin. He virtually never worked a real, 9-5 jobs. When he did he said it felt like working for the enemy. That might be why he said that anyone who started a business actually has government to thank for their success.

07/17/12 5:14 am

Anti lib, give us some examples of all the crap he did?

tsk California
07/17/12 1:56 am

I want the dirty laundry now. Not later.

lmurder MDK
07/16/12 11:18 pm

Romney should take the tampon out of his ass. Rep AZ

07/16/12 10:47 pm

I voted 'the high road' but it's a completely different question than who I'd prefer to win. That's just the reality. Isn't that smart America?

07/16/12 10:17 pm

It seems the definition of 'negative' is all relative according to who you support. It's a negative ad if it goes against your guy. But if it goes for your guy, it's the truth.

SnowKatcher The Road To Nowhere
07/16/12 9:12 pm

I love how some people think their guy isn't the negative one, when they both clearly are.
What's sad is that negative ads work and people respond to them instead of ignoring them, which is why candidates use them so often.
Most say they don't want to see them, but many, unfortunately, clearly do.

RayX quit
07/16/12 8:32 pm

It seems the candidates and the press think we are stupid. They want to slay the competition on irrelevant issues and ignore the elephant$ in the room.

TheAntiLib Putnam County, NY
07/16/12 8:28 pm

Obama needs to be repeatedly embarrassed and outed for all the crap that he has pulled his whole life. This should be pretty easy to do. God bless Romney for making all of that money!

07/16/12 7:59 pm

I wanna see dirt, blood, and guts. Theres plenty of ammo... Now shoot!

07/16/12 7:27 pm

Funny many want the candidate to keep it clean but your script is so filthy in these comments. Sad and shameful

07/16/12 7:13 pm

I would have liked a clean honest election season... But Obama has made that impossible now. Romney needs to bring out the claws! Defend yourself guy!

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
07/16/12 7:03 pm

No holds if the information is true and presented in context.

Travelpro Washington
07/16/12 6:08 pm

Clean. It is suppose to be a respectable office so it should be a respectable campaign.

07/16/12 6:01 pm

This question omens too late for the Obama lovers. He has already lowered himself back to the Chicago gutter where he came from.

JamesMadison La Palma
07/16/12 5:40 pm

I want him/her to tell me what THEY are going to do for me, not what the other guy won't

07/16/12 5:34 pm

I said keep it clean; however the other party lies and has biased media support. I still hold that two wrongs don't make a right. I'm certain Romney will keep it clean in a dirty campaign.

Metzae Texas
07/16/12 4:46 pm

Well, then you right-wingers are supporting the candidate.

07/16/12 4:44 pm

Keep it clean of possible.

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
07/16/12 3:44 pm

I'd like to see it kept clean but Obummer has already gone to the dirty stuff so I guess Mitt will have to take his mitts off!

07/16/12 3:42 pm

Romney is a moderate, a pleaser someone that I think will be able to work with the other side so things can move ahead. His record of working with one of the most liberal legislative bodies in the country is very good. On the other side when the going gets tough they quit playing.

07/16/12 3:38 pm

I don't recall saying he fit the category of having to go he just wasn't the conservative many of us are looking for. You know someone like Ryan or Rubio.

Dsal1951 California
07/16/12 3:35 pm

And yes, all of those numbers are seasonally-adjusted

Dsal1951 California
07/16/12 3:34 pm

When Obama was sworn in as President there were 12.049 million unemployed Americans (7.8%). Today, that number has increased by 700,000 (8.2%). Since Obama has taken office, the unemployment rate has always been higher than it was the day he was sworn in. Source: US Department of Labor