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08/03/15 3:59 am

Meat, and I'm appalled by what people do to innocent vegetables.

cowboy Doors of Perception
08/03/15 3:46 am

We are meat eaters.

kennabenena life is a blonde moment
08/02/15 10:46 pm

I tried snap peas today!
Now to answer your question, I could not live without meat, but plants are bleh.

sea California
08/02/15 10:38 pm

If I had to pick only one, I pick plants.

MaxineL New Jersey
08/02/15 8:31 pm

I am not a vegetarian but I don't eat red meat.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
08/02/15 7:37 pm

Roar! Total carnivore, plus potatoes, breads, dairy, and fruit.

afnj1 The TARDIS
08/02/15 7:15 pm

*Waits for Avegetarian to comment*

alkie New York
08/02/15 7:17 pm

She's baffled. Probably eating plants from her garden right now.

08/02/15 7:12 pm

I am a vegetarian. Didn't eat meat more than a couple times a week prior to becoming one either.

susanr Colorado
08/02/15 7:08 pm

Neither; I'm an omnivore.

I have been a vegetarian in the past for quite a few years, though, and vegan for most of them.

alkie New York
08/02/15 7:16 pm

To the point. I like it. 🐷

FlipFlopGirl Sic semper tyrannis
08/02/15 7:03 pm

Meat but not a lot. Mainly only once a day. Chicken or fish 90% of the time.

alkie New York
08/02/15 7:02 pm

I eat both. But yes I eat meat. So does laserbeam, I don't wanna hear her lies.

Mattlajoie83 Semi Charmed Life
08/02/15 7:02 pm

We are your wolfpack of course we eat meat.

08/02/15 7:01 pm

I eat meat! Vegetarians are pussies!