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smarttexan August 2nd, 2015 10:37pm

Inspired by political: if something is not likely to harm or kill you and isn't a violation of a moral or ethics code you hold, should you try it once before deciding it's not for you?

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arctostaphylos Ankh Morpork, New York
08/03/15 2:38 pm

Not really. Best example I can think of: gay sex. Not likely to harm or kill me, absolutely nothing morally or ethically wrong with it, but I have no need to try it to know it's not for me.

AmericanWolf For the Benefit of All
08/03/15 7:28 am

Not always. For example, I have never tried squid and I have no interest in trying it.

missmorganmarie ...
08/04/15 8:57 am

but...calamari is delicious!

greeengoddess Minnesota
08/03/15 6:57 am

If I actually wanted to do it, sure, but I'm not going to try things just to try it.

08/03/15 5:59 am

There simply isn't enough time to try everything.

rons Thanks America
08/03/15 5:30 am

I wouldn't eat live grubs.

Penn555 Maine
08/03/15 4:16 am

Not if you have zero interest. Otherwise, go for it.

johnnycub Bronx
08/02/15 11:40 pm

I voted yes but there's still other factors for me? For example, do I actually want to do it? Any non-physical or non-moral harm?

catpillow Florida West Coast
08/02/15 8:20 pm

There are lots of things I simply don't have any interest in trying. Disgusting, smelly, boring, cramped, uncomfortable, bug ridden things.

08/02/15 5:24 pm

I'm not at all against gay sex but I'm totally not interested in trying it

smarttexan More Moderate Than U
08/02/15 6:02 pm

Fair enough. I should have added the way you were born.

firefly5 the verse
08/02/15 4:47 pm

Some things, I just don't have any interest in, but I'd try them if I was with someone who was interested. I'm not any kind of opposed, but there are things that I'm just not even curious about.

mc88 Cleveland OSU
08/02/15 4:44 pm

Eating an ant isn't against my moral code or likely to harm me so should I do it?

No thanks

smarttexan More Moderate Than U
08/02/15 5:26 pm

I have tried the chocolate covered kind. I did it once.

mc88 Cleveland OSU
08/02/15 5:46 pm

You can and that's fine, but I wouldn't want to.

Rosebud Ohio
08/07/15 7:55 am

I ate live lemon ants out of a tree once. It was interesting... Made me want lemonade.

LochnessMonster Milky way
08/02/15 4:42 pm

I'll try just about anything once.

FemmeAdamWest in the Tardis library
08/02/15 4:21 pm

Mostly I say yes but I feel like we all have some things that we don't need to try to know for sure.

susanr Colorado
08/02/15 4:12 pm

Not necessarily.

Korosensei Maine
08/02/15 3:46 pm

I'm not trying fucking broccoli

cpaswr just say the letters
08/02/15 3:52 pm

President Bush?

Korosensei Maine
08/02/15 4:18 pm

Um uh nope not me never heard of him I'll go and my brother Jeb oh uh I mean John if he knows this "president Bush" guy

cpaswr just say the letters
08/02/15 5:37 pm

Seriously, you didn't know what I meant?

Korosensei Maine
08/02/15 5:45 pm

No I do know what you meant that's why I made the joke

Korosensei Maine
08/02/15 6:34 pm

It's cool everyone makes mistakes

sea California
08/02/15 3:42 pm

Sure why not. There are a few quotes, like "the sweetest fruit is a lemon, if that's all you've ever tasted"

08/02/15 3:42 pm

Not necessarily. In theory, its a great practice to try as many things as possible, but for me at least, trying some things just wouldn't work and I know it already. Take hunting for example. I strongly dislike loud noises and the weight of a gun so

08/02/15 3:43 pm

So hunting would not be in my best interest. For me to even try hunting would be rather foolish. That, and I dislike being outdoors and dislike the thought of any blood on an animal. Some things just don't need to be tried due to other experiences

08/02/15 3:43 pm

Pointing that it simply would not be a good fit.