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BetweenRivers August 2nd, 2015 10:36pm

Are you interested in dance? If so, I would love to share with you a brilliant dance performed by the kids of the Abby Lee Dance Company years ago. Are you interested?

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08/02/15 5:16 pm

I would also like to mention that they learned this dance in less than a week.

Psychoanalysis Analyze Everything
08/02/15 5:04 pm

I am not big on competitive dance, I prefer art-oriented work. But, they are talented.

08/02/15 5:16 pm

Very. It's a very pretty dance.

08/02/15 5:03 pm

The performance was simply so chilling and amazing and touching that I felt the need to share with anyone who would watch

08/02/15 3:40 pm

The title of the dance is Amber Alert. A very chilling dance routine.