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Axl752 August 2nd, 2015 3:25pm

Seeing as it is Sunday morning I'd like us all to join together in prayer...and who better to lead us in prayer than King Diamond?

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trollthepoll Pro Choice
08/03/15 7:55 pm

Religion is a sham used to control thought and collect money... Sounds like a pyramid scheme to me

Axl752 NY
08/03/15 10:28 pm

Did you click on the link though?

Axl752 NY
08/03/15 10:52 pm

You should, you will appreciate it I think

Axl752 NY
08/03/15 10:54 pm

The "prayer" starts at the 20 sec mark.

Axl752 NY
08/02/15 6:16 pm

Oh lighten up, just a harmless goof