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Would you sacrifice your own life to save the lives of two strangers?

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BenedictPius Pennsylvania
08/08/15 11:47 pm

In a world filed with so much greed and selfishness, it's worrying to see that some would value their life more than others. At all times must we practice charity, and all our actions should be for the good of our family and others.

08/08/15 11:15 am

My children yes but a stranger I can't say for sure.

xRiverSongx Time Lord in the TARDIS
08/07/15 4:00 am

I wish I could say yes, but I am young and terrified at even the thought of death.

08/05/15 5:06 pm

I have responsibility to take care of my loved ones... So no.

08/04/15 9:36 pm

If they were children, probably. Otherwise how do I know they aren't assholes. I'm not sacrificing myself for a couple of assholes.

jrazz Virginia
08/04/15 1:28 pm

If everyone's life is equal then 2 is greater than one, so yes I would.

ladestra Urban Conservative
08/04/15 12:42 pm

I have children, my life is no longer mine to sacrifice.... But I would put myself at limb losing risk. It sounds awful but less so than my 3 kids going hungry.

08/04/15 5:44 am

I'd like to think so but think it would probably depend on the situation and the ability to pull it off.

HammeringMan Gods Away On Business
08/04/15 5:07 am

Only if those two were
To save the human race

TheGreatC Wisconsin
08/03/15 10:15 pm

I'd like to say I would, but deep down I know that if I was presented with that I would decline.

08/03/15 7:07 pm

Not as long as I have kids that need me.

elianastar FreeSpeech
08/04/15 1:38 pm

Doesn't matter how many. If I can save us both, I would. But if I could save them only, I would do my best to save them.

CassieLee the moon
08/03/15 12:36 am

If it was a spur-of-the-moment decision, no. While I'd like to think highly of myself, there's no way I would be doing anything but following instinct. Id assume the only people who would say "yes" were trained in the military

ErkaTwerka Minnesota
08/02/15 10:55 pm

It depends on the situation.

Independent101 Be For America
08/02/15 10:16 pm

If you said yes then go donate your heart, your blood, liver, both your lungs, brain, and everything else. You will actually save wayyyy more than 2 lives!!! So who's gonna do it?

08/03/15 8:00 am

Agree. Nobody's going to do that.

sea California
08/02/15 10:00 pm

No. Far too great of a cost to my wife and kids. And I would not expect any stranger to die for me either.

TwistingRoot1 Washington
08/02/15 8:48 pm

I would choose to live for my children rather than save others.

NYG44 Upstate NY
08/02/15 8:36 pm

This is always my least favorite question...I think it's been asked like four times

08/02/15 7:18 pm

Risk my life, yes. Knowingly sacrifice, probably not. Maybe for kids.

08/02/15 7:17 pm

No. But I would for 2 children or 4 adults. Hell I would do it for one kid.

PoliticalMemes Liberty
08/02/15 6:04 pm

If you answer yes but just skip your local blood drive because you're tired, you're a hypocrite. You can save multiple lives by taking 5 minutes and some blood. I always want to but my parents want me to be older first.

trav Instagram, travisdover
08/02/15 8:03 pm

When I give blood, I find it hard to believe that someone would have died without this specific pint of blood.

Still, very good point.

08/04/15 11:40 am

I'm not allowed to give blood due to not having the right height to weight ratio (don't weight enough for my height) and for being anemic. I did give blood once despite that, but they said they wouldn't allow me again

tdaddy Kentucky
08/02/15 5:09 pm

I just saw a screen thanking me for reporting somebody's for some kind of misbehavior, but I don't know who I reported because it didn't tell me, and, unfortunately, there was no undo button.

08/02/15 4:59 pm

I'd like to think I would, but impossible to know without being faced with it.

OldSquid49 Houston TX
08/02/15 4:49 pm

Depends on who the two people are...

Bagreen Texas
08/02/15 4:38 pm

Kids yes, adults no.

08/02/15 7:18 pm

Kids are worth 3-4 adults in my book.

08/02/15 7:19 pm

2 adults wouldn't be enough to sacrifice my life though. 4 would.

purplemonkey New York
08/02/15 4:25 pm

I have a daughter who needs me so no, sorry.

coggy iowa
08/02/15 4:22 pm

Risk my own life, yes. But knowingly sacrifice my life for two strangers, no.

bringstheeagle Colorado
08/02/15 4:12 pm

I don't think so - still how can one truly know?

Fact FL
08/02/15 4:03 pm

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Doopy Remedial Americanism
08/02/15 3:30 pm

After every other possible means of trying to save them was exhausted.

08/02/15 3:19 pm

I'd do it if it was the right situation
Meaning if it were kids no question yes, if it was a car fire absolutely, if a house fire unfortunately no its to risky, and or someone shooting no I'd run and hide, so totally depends and what's at risk

Zod Above Pugetropolis
08/02/15 2:44 pm

Risk it, with at least a reasonable chance we all live, sure. Sacrifice, as in make a trade, mine for theirs? Not a chance.

Yoko318 Utah
08/02/15 2:37 pm

Wish I could say yes for a surety, but honestly, I probably wouldn't.

AKCowboysFan Anchorage m8
08/02/15 2:18 pm

You can never know for sure until you are in the situation. Most people who unhesitatingly say yes are probably deluding themselves

VTLiberty Vermont
08/02/15 1:32 pm

Does this mean literally dying for two others or like trying to save someone from someone with a gun?

08/02/15 3:18 pm

I think it does, and that's why I don't get so many say yes. If it was family, children etc. then I get it, but two random strangers, I'm confused.

Handstand .
08/02/15 1:03 pm

Hell no. I like my life and plan on keeping it for a long time.

08/02/15 12:53 pm

For everyone saying yes: just sign up to donate your organs. It's very easy and you can easily save more than two people.

sd123 San Diego
08/02/15 12:53 pm

Can't say until I face the situation.

catpillow Florida West Coast
08/02/15 12:50 pm

I might, depending on the circumstances.

OldAccount No longer active
08/02/15 12:46 pm

It depends on what the strangers are like, how I'll sacrifice myself, ect.

CudOfCow Oregon
08/02/15 12:30 pm

Risk, yes. Sacrifice, no.

NexusBlue California
08/02/15 12:26 pm

Doubtful - but when you are faced with a situation like that you never really know what you will do until it happens.

ChristianCuber Texas
08/02/15 1:55 pm

Yep, I like to think I'd give my life for two innocent strangers, but until the scenario actually happens I have no clue

CTYankee!!! Connecticut
08/02/15 12:25 pm

You mean would my family sacrifice losing me to save the family member of two strange families

08/02/15 12:17 pm

I said no but entirely depends on the ages of the two strangers.

Idahologger up north
08/02/15 11:51 am

no because I have children who depend on me