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qwerty13 August 2nd, 2015 5:10am

As a kid, I had to endure people asking me if I was related to Helen Keller, since we have the same last name and my parents are deaf. As a kid, did you ever have to deal with the same question over and over again?

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ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
08/06/15 4:16 pm

Everyone tells me that me and my sister look alike. I've been asked if we're twins. Um, no. She's like 5 years older than me.

Iamamerican California
08/02/15 10:44 am

My maiden name is Polish...hard to spell and pronounce. I spent lots of time spelling and pronouncing it for people.

08/02/15 12:36 pm

Iowa, then moved to Nebraska when I was in elementary school.

Ebola1 Florida
08/02/15 5:38 am

People asking my brother and I constantly, "Are you twins?".

slickspin Heart of Texas
08/02/15 1:43 am

My last name is Wright. People make lame jokes. "You're always right"or "the Wright brothers". Wow, I haven't heard that one